How to maintain or clean sex doll properly

Sex doll  is Nice but how to maintain it ?

After a perfect sex with sex doll, there comes a question how to clean it, especially when you don’t use condom.

Sex doll usually need to wash every month, but how to clean  it to make it last longer as it is also investment just like your house or car .

How to clean the vagina when you got the sex doll with  fixed vagina ?

Why sex doll skin have dark mark on it ?

With proper maintain sex doll can last more than 10 years

What you need is vaginal cleaning kit ,which is comes together with the LSDS sex doll, it’s the most easy way to clean the vagina,oral or anal.

If you want to take shower together with sex doll, that is a good idea, but don’t use hot water, as it may damange the tpe sex doll, with cold or warm water is just fine.

Don’t make the head wet, the head should be cleaned Separately, use mild soap or shower gel, avoid any sharp oject to damange the surface of the sex doll, sponge will be good idea.

Flush out all cavities you utilized during sex ,use a soft towel to dry your doll, do not use rough towel that may damage the doll skin irreparably.

Do not use hair dryer! after make it dry, you can sprinkle some baby powder to soften the skin just like the first day.

For this case, we recomand to choose removeable vagina,by outlooking is totally same as the fixed vagina.

After sex, just need to take out the vagina part and clean it, put it back for next time.

It is fun to dress up your doll with different outfit or sexy lingerie, sometimes when you choose some dark clothes, it may fade to make dark mark on the surface of the sex doll,

Because the material of sex doll, it will absorb color into the surface, it will be very hard to clean.

It is highly recommended to wash new clothing before wearing and remove them when you don’t use it,wash the clothese until the water is pure and transparent , if not don’t wear it, choose light color outfit is wise.



If you don’t use sex doll for long time, you better take off wig from the head, put the head into the bag , take off all the clothes and accessories, put back to the box, wrap it with white blanket, The skeleton features a large range of motion, allowing the reproduction of human movements.The joints will soften naturally under normal conditions,make all the joint straight, Please avoid leaving your doll in stretched position for long periods to avoid TPE or Silicone distortion that would lead to possible fracture points.

Don’t put into a closed plastic bag,If there is any moisture in the bag , mold can form on the doll.

Don’t put under the sunlight .











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