How to choose a good and cheap sex doll

How to choose a good and cheap sex doll ?

Q1:What is sex doll ? what is sex doll for ?

Sexual dolls are masturbation devices, 1:1 body size according to the size of the real human body, make users enjoy pefect sex with them.The main point of sex dolls is to make their users get sexual pleasure.


Q2: types of sex dolls

Sex dolls have been sold for hundreds of years in Germany in the mid-20th century, when they became popular and liberated people, and their designs even inspired Ruth Handler to create a playmate for girls, Barbie dolls. Sex dolls are essentially divided into two categories – inflatable dolls and silicone resin dolls. sex dolls was used inflatable designs long time ago, so they were also called inflatable dolls. These dolls are very cheap, but not realistic and durable. In the 21st century, sex dolls used silicone or TPE, very close to the human skin and muscle, with Moveable Joint, can make different position and keep it . The texture and shape are almost the same as real human body, for better sex, for better life.


Q3: How to choose a good and cheap sex doll ?

Yes, We all concern about the topic – how to choose a good and cheap sex doll ? a sex doll usually cost at least 2000 euro in the EU and USA, so how can we save our wallets? A genuine sex doll team always tried their best to save your money and improve your life. Believe us: sex dolls make you happier, more confident and more satisfied. Think about it — don’t make a fuss about nothing, don’t be ashamed of it — it’s your doll, you can do whatever you want in the bedroom, and enjoy love. Beauty will never yell at you for sexual harassment!

Sex is always hard for some people to talk about, but we are interested in promoting such a controversial product, because there is nothing to be ashamed of it . It’s not illegal and it can’t be ignored. We all know that sex is an important part of our lives, and there’s no doubt about it. Why aren’t women ashamed of using a dildo? Why you have to suffer from a boring sex life ?

Hey, you have to know that sex and sex toys are the normal part of our lives.

When you decide to buy one for yourself, you know that 99% of the sex dolls are made in China. Don’t be afraid to buy from there ,unless you’re willing to spend more money on retailers  in Europe and the United States – in fact, those products come from our factories as well.

Look at your room. Most of the things are made in China.

We have QC team in factory. We can guarantee all of our dolls are high quality and realistic.

(I know why you are scared buying from Chinese supplier, some didn’t get anything after place order, some got the product but not same as request, poor quality, no guarantee, etc,  you should choose the professional supplier in china. With 17 years import and export, e-commerce and customs declare and clearance experience, we know how to make you get good and cheap sex doll)

Although local shops offer special sales during holidays, they are still a bit expensive. Save a big part from retailer will not hurt your wallet, and the quality will be the same as local shop.


Now I’d like to introduce two lovely sexy ladies to you.

Jasmine (

is our customer’s favorite. She is lovely, with beautiful, perfect breasts and beautiful hips. She can have anus, vagina and oral sex. It’s on sale at the end of this year.

Realistic TPE Sex Doll Torso (

She is so light that you can take her anywhere. will make your life better. It will make all your nasty thoughts come true. Come to get this doll directly from us – the price you can afford.


Try to buy a sex doll at Lovesexdollstore. We promise you will never regret it !

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