Sex doll Buyer’s Guide-Find the Best Sex Doll is easy as pie !

When you see this article, I am sure you want to buy a sex doll, Great idea !They are a great investment for your little enjoyment. A life like sex doll can give you companionship,sexual satisfaction at the anytime of the day. But how do you know which doll is right for you?The sex doll industry is too small but develop quickly, there are tons of choice of sex doll, different material, different brand,different manufacturer,Well, lucky you are here, the best sex doll buyer’s guide, let’s kick it off.
1,High-end Luxury Sex dolls
2,Mid-level Sex dolls
3,Entry-level sex dolls

High-end Luxury Sex dolls,market price from $4500-$10,000
Sex Dolls at this level are the best money you can buy, the dolls are hand made with extra care to make sure the finest features in details,like the eye lashes and vagina details, very realistic, (you can find cheaper high-end sex doll in our sale,for example search Jasmine ) With platinum material, it stop oil from oozing out the skin overtime,which can happen with non-platinum material.

Mid-level Sex Doll
Sex dolls at this level are still very realistic and lifelike,also fun dolls.At very beginning , it is very hard for you to tell difference between high-end and Mid-level sex dolls,but it still sex doll with less lifelike than platinum high-end,but the price is also more reasonable for most of us, with proper care , it will last 10 years long.
At this case, for this price, these medical material will still get the job done.(our Fay and Monica are on sale,try to find them)

Entry-Level Sex dolls
Frankly speaking at this level it usually come to mini sex doll, size from 80cm to 100cm, it is very popular recently,price is
very handsome, but we don’t suggest you to buy this,coz in some countries, it is illegal to buy or even just keep mini sex doll,Why?Because this size sex doll usually goes with cute face which is very close to kid’s face, it is illegal,don’t take risk,you still can have a entry-level sex dolls
we suggest to buy Realistic TPE Sex Doll Torso (try to search torso in our shop)

cheapest torso from 599usd

Where to buy
Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders Realistic Vagina

Fleshlight Official Store
Price Range: $40 to $150

Price Range : $45-$150

Website :

I think you already know which level you would like to go, How to choose a good and Cheap sex doll, see you there.

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