Taboo use of sex doll

Sexy real sex doll, although there is a male sex boll also has a female doll, but the buyer or the majority with men, as the pressures of life and a man to the improvement of the living conditions and material has constantly, likewise, in choosing a mate conditions will be improved, but in this case, in terms of sexual needs will be lacking in a long period of time, then you can use some products to vent sexual appeal, so some women sex doll is more sell like hot cakes, Long-term sexy sex doll are used well?Will there be any side effects from using sexy sex doll?

The construction of the sexy sex doll

The scientific lower body structure of the sex doll and the intelligent vibration frequency can make the negative pressure vagina produce regular siphon type contractions. With your use experience, it will cause pressure on the doll. The greater the pressure is, the tighter the private parts of the internal structure will be.

Long-term sexy sex doll are used well?

sexy sex doll while material is qualified, no harm to human body, but also not suitable for use for a long time, if a person is too dependent on the sexy sex doll, contented with sexy sex doll, could lead to social phobia, causing difficulty to communicate with people, even lazy to communicate with people, too lazy to the situation of bonding with people also is likely to happen, may also derive a fetish.

Does using a real sexy sex doll have side effects?

The real sexy sex doll is a kind of artificial sex toy, which can be divided into male and female dolls.This toy is different from the children doll, imitates the human body structure to use the silica gel or the plastic manufacture, after inflates the volume to be close to the adult size, after inflates is quite soft, has the elasticity, after deflates the air again to clean may reuse.

Real sexy sex doll materials are generally used are advanced medical non-toxic PVC or silicone materials refined, high-grade inflatable doll vagina and anus are made of Silica gel. So are there any side effects?Obviously not, because medical silica gel is often used for breast augmentation in women and can be inserted into the body for decades without causing any side effects.So you don’t have to worry about any side effects at all if you don’t choose the low-quality products.

Taboo use of sex doll

The internal structure of the body of the sex doll is set by imitating the movements of people. The reverse bending or excessive force of the hands and feet will cause fracture or internal structure damage and reduce the service life.In particular, the upper arm can not be lifted more than 80 degrees, otherwise the armpit will tear silicone, unable to repair.When the joint is bent, the Silica gel surface will be crisscrossed and will slowly recover when it is unfolded.When keeping, better way is unbend limb or face to the sky place.

Sex doll is a relatively common sex toys, but because of the existence of sex doll and fighting couples are not rare, so there want to buy Sex doll men must first understand the lover’s idea, it is best to obtain the consent of the lover.

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