Japanese Sex Doll Surprises the Whole World

Sex doll is a kind of toy that replaces the real person to meet some people’s physical needs, which is different from the child’s doll. The use of sex dolls first appeared in Japan and Germany in 1930.

1.The History of Japanese Robot’s Developments

At that time, sex dolls were mainly used for military purposes, and Japan used sex dolls in naval submarines. The sex dolls at the time appeared in a man-only environment. During the Second World War, in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases from spreading in large areas of the taxation army. Head of State Hitler personally ordered the SS commander Himmler to secretly develop an sex doll similar to the female physiological structure,which is used to inspire soldiers.

Sex dolls similar to modern ones appeared in Japan in the 1970s. The texture of the sex doll in the 1990s is closer to the skin of a real person. But it still feels a bit hard. In the same period, there were also manufacturers trying to produce dolls with bones, but the final result was not ideal.

In the 2000s, the doll shape produced in Japan can be said to be made of a gel with a shape memory function. And the Japanese sex doll at that time have spherical joints that can make different movements. The current development of robots makes people believe that sex dolls will be manufactured and sold one day.

2.Psychological research of Japanese Sex Doll

Sarah Wawelde is a researcher and a mental health expert. Her master’s thesis studies the demographic and psychological characteristics of sex doll owners from a psychological perspective. Sarah said that during her research, many respondents expressed shame or embarrassment for their own sex dolls.

But this group of people is as satisfied with life as ordinary people, and there is no high rate of depression and other mental illnesses. For normal people, life with sex dolls is certainly not a normal sexual behavior. But Sarah said, “Unless a person’s life only revolves around the sex doll and affects him to do other things, we can’t define he is abnormal.”

Valverde’s research (many of the anecdotal evidence) shows that for those men who can’t find or don’t want to have a real-life relationship, sex dolls provide emotional comfort and physical venting.

3.These Milestone products in the development of Japanese Sex Doll

Although the first product is much better than the products on the market, it is not revolutionary. The second generation of the product was launched in 1982 and was named “face”. This generation of products uses foamed polyurethane for bones, and then resin and rubber for the skin structure. And it can bear a weight of 120 kg, and it are closer to reality in all aspects than before.

While from this generation, the provision of a disability certificate isn’t required to buy the sex dolls. As it is gradually found that the audience is no longer restricted to disabled people, high-collars, single men, single-person males also have the need to buy the sex doll.

Since then, in the “face” structure, in 1987, the “shadow” that can do more movements was introduced. In 1992, the “shadow” of the whole body was improved. In 1997, the “three sisters” who could change their heads were launched one after another.

Although the sales have increased significantly, these dolls are made of resin as the main material, which is inherently fragile and difficult to repair. After 97 years, according to market requirements, a new product made of polyvinyl chloride was re-launched, which once again caused a big sale.

After 2000, after two years of development, a new generation of silicone dolls was finally released.

Of course, although the sex doll have been sold well for more than 30 years, it also has so many troubles. It is said that because of the careless purchase of the goods, people mistakenly think that it is a dead person. Later, the police also felt that the doll did a good job. It simply became a customer. It specialized in customizing various models and trying to reproduce the crime scene. It also played a role in other aspects.

Today, silicone dolls have become the mainstream of the market, and the market is not only the Orient industry. Because of the advancement of human simulation, many companies have joined the market.