Which group of sex doll does the market point to?

Inflatable sex doll is a kind of temperament and interest products, its simulation is very, very high, and the mature female in morphology posture is very close to, in addition, sex doll on the surface of the private department structure and mature women is the same, there are plentiful full chest, inflatable sex doll series more and more now, so a lot of people will choose to use inflatable dolls to satisfy their own desires, but what kind of men prefer to use  sexy real sex doll?Be infatuated with the man of sexy real sex doll normal?

1. Lonely man

Mainly separated couples, this kind of couples are difficult to pass the long night, especially in the sexual aspects of not due satisfaction and need, sex with the real sexy sex doll, the man may think will not betray each other.The jury is still out on whether to betray or not.However, if the long-term use of sexy real sex doll or need to get their partner’s approval.

2.Men with mental illness

Such men are generally affected by emotional stimulation, no longer believe in love, more do not believe that a woman’s heart, the lust of the depressed for a long time and can’t get out, get a sex doll to go home, want to handle and how to play with, but it will be more and more serious mental diseases, want to come out from the disease, or need certain treatment, mental health.

3. Adolescent boys

Many boys in this age group masturbate. Many middle and high school classmates live with their girlfriends.

4. When your wife is pregnant

The man cannot live up to normal sexual life, face to sleep every night beside the charming wife like flowers and jade cannot touch however, the belly that looks at a wife to gradually bulge is excited at the same time it is to restrain however.Really can not control, then find an sexy sex doll to meet their own.

5. Older men

No matter the man of what age group, below the circumstance that cannot be normal in sexual life, the thing that looks a bit exciting satisfies his desire to also belong to normal, and buy an inflatable sex doll to satisfy his physiology desire, but this should be allowed in law and just calculate inside moral category normal.

6. Poor man

Generally this kind of man will like to look for cheap prostitute to abase outside, if a month twice, every time 100 dollars words to the poor person is a not small expense, still be inferior to one time buy an inflatable sex doll, not only can satisfy oneself sexual desire for a long time, still can save money.

7. Otaku

As the Internet and mobile Internet have become more widespread and sophisticated, the otaku lifestyle has become a phenomenon, with people playing online games, buying everyday goods online and even freelancers working from home.For this group, a blow-up doll that never talks to you is also an important option for casual girlfriends: clean, private and sexless.

How big is the real sexy sex dollmarket in China?There’s a lot of exaggeration.One statement: “according to incomplete statistics, by 2018, the annual sales volume of the sex products industry has reached 100 billion yuan and maintained a 20% annual growth rate.”

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