Male Sex Doll Make You Turn to Be the Real Man

1.Classification of Male Sex Doll.

Inflatable type:It’s basically a balloon, basically we say that inflatable dolls are all this. Usually it  can be seen as a lifebuoy.

Ragdoll type: It is a live-action version of the step doll. It is a higher grade than the inflatable type, and the price of workmanship is around 3,000-5,000 RMB, which can be regarded as a big pillow.

Polyurethane type: This is made of polyurethane foam as a material, and the above two ratios are relatively hard. It is not heavy in life size and weighs less than 5 kg. However, because it is relatively hard, it is generally necessary to stick the skin on the surface in order to simulate a real person. And the price is higher, about 5,000 yuan or more.

Hand-made type: This is a synthetic resin, which is the same as the general model. But because it’s bigger, the interior is usually filled with polyurethane, which is similar to the little toy we used to play with when we were young. The joints can rotate and spin freely. But the touch is very stiff and has no skin feel. The price is about 6000-15000 RMB.

Silicone type: It is built-in light bones, wrapped in silicone. Because of its softness, silicone is very close to the touch of the skin. Plus the endoskeleton, you can put it in a variety of ways. It can be said that it is the most popular one. The weight is also the heaviest, can reach more than 30 kg, and is closer to humans, representing the highest level of male sex dolls. It s the level of high-tech and artisan. The price is also very high.

2.How to choose Male Sex Doll?

Firstly, to look at the appearance, its face should be fine.

Men actually pay attention to appearance. So you should be sure to choose a face you like when you make a decision. The male sex doll sold now basically borrow pictures of Japanese physical dolls, which are tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t be confused, if you buy it in Taobao, you must ask the owner to send a physical map to show you or even direct video, then you can decide whether to buy or not.

Secondly, know about the latest male sex dolls.

The fourth generation is now popular. In the first generation, an inflatable skin was softer; the second generation, the face of the woman was printed on the inflatable skin; the third generation had simulated faces, but most of them were not fine, the eyes were too prominent, and the mouth was very scary; the fourth generation come out just one year, but its update is very fast, the fourth generation basically has a simulated face that is very beautiful and the real details are also done well.

Thirdly, look at the function of male sex dolls.

In order to make the doll’s body soft, the current male sex doll injects an oil component into the silica gel, which also gives the doll a charming aroma. In this way, as time goes by, there will be oil on the surface of the doll. Therefore, it is necessary to take a bath for itl every week.

Fourthly, check the quality of male sex dolls.

Remove the packaged plastic paper. First, remove the oil from the doll and check if there is any damage during the handling.

3.Male Sex Doll will Help you to Be A Better Man.

Using such sex dolls can effectively prevent premature ejaculation problems in men. After a long period of exercise, this common male problem can be effectively alleviated. The use of male sex dolls can solve the problem of sexual depression and the physiological needs of men without partners. For single men who are under great pressure in daily life, the use of sex dolls can effectively reduce this pressure. The use of male sex dolls can greatly enhance the interests of single men’ life, and add more colors to life. For single men, the use of such male sex dolls can effectively save daily expenses. In the life of a couple, if you use such products, you can also mediate the feelings between the couples and make the family relationship more harmonious.