Sex doll movie—- Lars and the Real Girl

“Lars and the Real Girl” is a movie about sex doll directed by Craig grippe, which was released in the United States on October 12, 2007 and nominated for the best original screenplay award at the 2008 Academy Awards. It mainly tells the pure love story between an introverted man Lars and a sex doll Bianca.

Actor Lars looks strange, his mother died in childbirth, when he was born after his father can’t stand the sadness, often borrow wine outlet, emotion, as you can imagine, also often how Lars’s early life — there is no mother’s arms, lack of affection, mother left a blanket became Lars and his mother only links.

From the perspective of attachment, Lars’ attachment is an insecure attachment, which he avoids in interpersonal communication.

In sex doll movie, he lives alone in his brother’s garage. He doesn’t want to go to his brother’s house, but he always stands alone in the glass window of the house and looks out.At work, he was attracted to a girl, but always watched from a distance. Even when she warmly offered him an invitation, he refused.

But life always changes.When Lars heard the godfather’s teachings in church: love the people around you;Coming out of church, a lady gave him a flower and wished him a new beginning.These words are symbolically meaningful, just like the client finally enters the treatment room at a certain opportunity and starts a new life course. In this analytical space created by the therapist, Lars shows his inner desire and expresses his feelings, creatively repairing his own wounds.

So how does this work?

The film uses the best sex doll as a symbol to show us a person’s inner change and transformation process, and vividly interprets what is the “analytic space”, an important concept of psychotherapy.This space is not only the physical treatment room, but also the inner psychological space created by a therapist as a client.

When Lars buys back an inflatable doll as his lover, his psychiatrist doesn’t break the illusion, but USES it to interpret his inner world.

Try to enter Lars’ inner world through this sex doll

He said the inflatable doll sick, need to take care of, her mother died, she missed her mother, she did not like to be surrounded by too many people, she is willing to attend the party, she is very eager to love.

These are the emotions Lars can’t express in words. He expresses his inner desire through the sexy real sex doll of fantasy, through which he learns to love and understand others, and tries to get out of the closed world.In the film, he talked with his brother about “what is a man”. When people cared about his sex doll, he habitually rejected and avoided it. His sister-in-law not only understood him, but also made him feel the love and care of people around him.

The process of treatment is also a process of creating a transitional space, in which the visitor can experience different feelings and emotions in his heart and achieve psychological transformation by playing games.

In the film, the psychologist takes the opportunity to talk to Lars about his feelings when he “treats” Lars with his sexy sex doll. For example, when the psychiatrist tries to touch his arm, he feels like being “stung”.When he saw that his sister-in-law was about to give birth, he was activated by the trauma of his mother’s dystoic death. He showed anxious and painful emotions in the treatment room, which was the trauma he was afraid to face. Such a space gave him the courage to face these, and also gave him the ability to creatively develop himself.

At the end of the film, Lars lets his sex doll lover “die”, which is his creation. He mourns for his real sex doll lover, also mourns for his lost mother, and mourns for the loss and misfortune of his life.A western psychoanalyst answered what life is like. In his opinion, “life is love and mourning.”The process of mourning means moving out of sorrow, it means the birth of new hope, it means the beginning of love.