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We give everything you want from sex dolls

We have sex dolls of all races, ages, genders and sizes that you can imagine. Below is our list.

Races of our sex dolls: European, Asian, black, Hispanic and latino sex dolls, Japanese and Asian sex dolls

Ages: young, slender adults and more mature, curvy sex dolls

Sex: female, male, transsexual dolls.

Body shape: thin, chubby, hourglass, compact, muscular, athletic and curvy, large and small breasts, large and small breasts.

High quality custom-made silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll

Our sex dolls are available in different designs, including blonde, brown, red hair, big butt, small butt, various colors of eyes, big and small breasts, French nails, Asian, European, black, porn star or teen style, skin color, toenail polish and so on. To have a perfect sex partner, you can design a unique sex doll by yourself. That means, you can customize the shape of vagina you like, add sexual sounds to a sex doll, choose whether let her to have pubic hair or not, and so on.

Knowledge about sex dolls made of different materials.

It is well known that the types of inflatable dolls are divided into ordinary inflatable sex dolls, integral sex dolls as well as highly realistic dolls. If you decide to buy a new sex doll, but not sure which of the following popular materials are best for you – the inflatable, TPE or silicone, look here since we have prepared a scientific guide for you to clearly understand the difference among them.

Ordinary inflatable sex doll

General inflatable doll is molded by inflating, which is close to the adult size after inflating. Her whole body is soft and elastic and her torso as well as limbs are relatively round, but her overall skin is made up of hard plastic skin. Therefore, you can hardly have aesthetic feeling of the human body when touching her. Their shape being rough, this kind of sex dolls can only roughly simulate the structure of real people.

The whole sex doll

The whole body of this kind of sex doll is solid, made of TPR material and silicone rubber. The body is very similar to human skin. The head and body shape are similar to that of a real person.

Highly realistic sex dolls

A highly realistic sex doll is also a high simulation entity doll. Her entity is not inflated, and her  body muscle skin is made of silicone rubber and other soft materials. With internal installation of mechanical bones, she can do a lot of human postures. Besides, her fidelity and real similarity is very high, even to the degree of authenticity.

In a word, the inflatable doll is usually shaped like a girl, with a vagina, anus and an open mouth, so that men can put their penises into the hole, make love and generate pleasure. But there are still some shortcomings in those inflatable dolls, which may not satisfy men’s sex desire, but the other two kinds of sex dolls remedy those limitations.