Sex Doll Has Life? View The Film Taken By Chi Yuhe, A Japanese Director

One day, the tpe sex doll bought by Xiu Xiong suddenly blinked.

Then, when Xiu Xiong went out, the sexy sex doll climbed up from the bed and went to the window and said “true beauty.”

Then she put on her clothes and walked around the town.

This is the beginning of the story.

Since the owner of the life size doll called her Xiao Wang, then let us call her that as well.

Xiao Wang was dressed in a black and white maid costume and walked around in the small town.

This world is very strange to her.

She walked awkwardly, curiously watching what was going on around her.

Although the tpe sex doll don’t know anything, she can feel that everything is moving regularly, and everything has its own frequency.

She play with the children in the sand. She watched people dumping garbage. She followed the old lady to the neighborhood committee. She learned how people behave.

Keep walking, Xiao Wang found an audio-visual store.

The video store is hiring, so Xiao Wang became a video store clerk.

Like Xiu Xiong, she goes to work during the day and goes home at night.

The film “Air Sex Doll” was adapted from comics and was planned for 8 years. The director is Chi Yuhe, one of Japan’s most famous directors. He had just won the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival with the “The Thief Family”.

The background music of “Air Sex Doll” flows softly, and the fresh air after the rain echoes the soft sound of the wind chimes.

Everyone will say that it is a “small fresh movie”, but its content is not stagnant.

Through the perspective of the life size sex doll, everyone has their own rules of life, but it seems that they are not doing it. The mystery of life is presented in the eyes of such bystanders.

Those ordinary and ubiquitous things, in the delicate lens and perspective, let us discover that the human world is so beautiful.

“The plot is simple, the audience is concentrating,” and the Japanese film that matches this feature is easily reminiscent of the “love action movie.”

The film with the theme of “sexy sex doll” has no smudge of smudge. On the contrary, it is extremely pure, even with the meaning of fairy tales.

Xiao Wang was created with perfect standards, beautiful and lovely, flawless, beautiful like a doll – because she was originally a doll.

She loved beauty like all women, and went to the door of the beauty store. When she saw the woman inside, she looked at it and watched it. After a while, she sat in front of the makeup mirror inside.

After earning a salary at the audio-visual store, she bought a lot of clothes for herself, with a variety of styles, like a princess who is happy.

Xiao Wang got happiness from the human world and met many beautiful things.

She also gradually realized the feeling of “pain” and “becoming a substitute”.

Even with a birthday cake, she will be happy to cry because she is valued.

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