Saw the Japanese sex doll theme exhibition, Will you be heartbeat?

Sexy sex doll is indeed a common adult toys, but the sexy sex doll is all about a penny a points goods, cheap sexy sex doll basic is horrible, really high quality and real sister sexy sex doll, little difference is usually to thousands or even tens of thousands to buy one, and specialized production of high quality sexy sex doll Japanese company held a combined sexy sex doll and Japanese arts dolls theme of the exhibition, exhibition of high quality adult with dolls, it has no any erotic elements, but is sublimated realm of art.

East industrial is a Japanese since 1977 specializing in producing high quality manufacturing sex doll ontology and related accessories, the veteran sex doll company, this is a company to do sex doll for 40 years, at present the company’s dolls role covers most types of women, sex doll is carried out in accordance with the reality as model reference to design, and they also from time to time the introduction of different shape of fittings, can let the consumer is buying after the ontology to continue buying different accessories for their dress up the sex doll .

It can be seen that inflatable sex doll have a broad market and are accepted by most people. Inflatable dolls are made of different materials, which are mainly divided into five types:

1.Ordinary inflatable sex doll inflatable molding

After inflating the volume is close to the adult size, the body is relatively soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic skin, the body and limbs are relatively round, can not display the human body aesthetic feeling, the appearance is relatively rough, can only simulate the human structure.

2. The whole body of the sex doll is solid

Can be made of thermoplastic rubber material (TPR material) and silicone rubber, the whole body and human skin is very similar, the head and body shape and real person is close, the body size and real person is the same or close to real person size.

3. Highly simulated entity doll

The body is not inflatable, the whole body muscle skin is made of soft materials such as silicone rubber, the doll internal installation of mechanical bones, can do a lot of human posture, doll fidelity and human similarity is very high, even to the degree of imitation.

4. Silica gel material

Full entity simulation silicone sex doll, there is no full silicone on the market, but for the pursuit of entity simulation doll feeling of the people, is a very good choice.

5. Special skin materials

It is the skin is one layer, fill air bag another layer, this kind is the better inflatable doll on market, feel and tactility are first-rate.

The above five types of sex dolls are all good, so, what kind of sex dolls to use, actually the idea of a lot of consumer is likely to be different, some think ordinary dolls can achieve very good stimulation and orgasm, some think only Japanese brand sex doll can achieve what you want to enjoy, consumers can choose according to their own requirements to feel the best silicone sex doll.