Robot Sex Dolls will Enter Our Life in the Future

The 21st century is an era of technology, and high-tech products are everywhere in everyday life. There are many kinds of robots on the market today.But it is almost impossible that if you are looking for a robot that can chat with you. According to the British magazine “THE WEEK” reported on May 11, with the market demand and technology development, more and more companies began to pay attention to the development of high-tech robot sex dolls.

1.Why do So Many People Pay More Attention to Robot Sex Doll?

No matter how realistic the inflatable doll is, it is always different from human beings. She can neither speak nor act on her own. Sometimes there are some “scares”. This is why more companies are starting to develop high-tech robot sex dolls.

The most popular robot sex dolls now is Roxxxy. Her design is very close to the real person, 1.7 meters tall, slim, with beautiful hair and eye color.she has different functions.She can listen to you, talk to you, or caress you. It can load preset character features, and users can set the character of the doll according to their own preferences, just like playing a game.

2.Current Research Progress of Robot Sex Doll

Now, Abyss Creations of California wants to raise the product to a higher level. They began to try to make “thinking” sexual partners, promising to establish a true emotional bond between the user and the doll.

The company wants to use the AI system in its products, allowing users to choose from a range of personality traits (kind, sexy, shy, innocent, smart, etc.), then assign these characteristics to robot sex dolls.

In terms of AI, Abyss Creations is working on several products that will be launched this year or next year. After all, this app is just a software that works with robot sex dolls. At the end of this year, the company will launch the first “robot mind system.”

3.Future prospects

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, various types of robots have appeared, and some scientists even predict that the robot sex dolls will become a reality in the next 10 years. Researchers at Cornell University have said that they have achieved a flexible “skin” that can feel the pressure. This highly flexible “skin” is of great significance in the field of building flexible robots. Once a skin is made, there is indeed a tendency to replace the inflatable doll.

According to the customer’s request, there can be body temperature, eyeball rotation, and can make most of the movements of normal people. If robots are used as the core in the future, and they can make various actions autonomously. And there will be a vast consumer market of robot sex dolls.

4.Potential problems

First of all, the appearance of robot sex dolls is to meet the needs of users who want a higher experiencing effect. There is no communication and feeling between the inflatable doll and the user. Human beings are a social animal. If they are alone with inflatable dolls, they will lose the ability to communicate emotionally.

Secondly, whether robots can completely replace artificial intelligence is a question worthy of deep thinking by humans and scientists. Similarly, the proliferation of robot sex dolls will also bring a series of social problems. It is very likely to invade the normal life of human beings and control the lives of users.

Therefore, whether the machine doll can be widely promoted is still a question worthy of our deep thinking.

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