Silicone Sex Doll Helps You Lead a Healthier Life

1.A Brief Introduction of Silicone Sex Doll

The silicone sex doll is a kind of the inflatable doll, which is made of solid silicone materials.Usually,silicone sex dolls will use the more popular name “inflatable doll”. Silicone can also be used as a prosthesis to become a material for breast augmentation.

2.How to Maintain the Silicone Sex Doll?

You must find a space that is 2 times larger than the doll ,and then open the box and take out the doll; remove the plastic paper from the package and check if there is any damage during the handling; send the silicone sex doll to the bathroom and remove the oil from the doll. After the shower, give the doll body powder. Please remember to use ordinary baby powder. The purpose is to take away the oil, and take away the dirt on the body.

After that, rinse, remove oil, and powder, then wipe the powder and dirt off with a wet towel. Then wait for the doll to dry, then puff a powder, keep the body dry and clean; wait for the hair of silicone sex doll to dry. Then find a soft sofa or chair to place the doll in order to prevent the wear and tear of the fingertips.

3.How to Make Silicone Dolls?

Although there were sexual dolls in Japan in the 1980s, they were all made of plastic, while the use of silicone resin was more flexible and could bring a better feeling. A company in San Diego, USA, makes sex dolls that are made of silicone. The company has only nine employees. They poured silicone resin into the mold and carefully crafted the details of the doll. From an anatomical point of view, they are all based on real people.But they can be customized as long as they are needed by customers.

4.The Difference between Silicone Sex Dolls and Inflatable Sex Dolls

Made of all-silicone material, it has a better touch than the inflatable doll. The appearance of the silicone sex doll is much better than the appearance of the inflatable sex doll. The simulating degree is also much higher, almost as the same as that of the real person. Since the inside of the silicone sex doll has a mechanical frame as a keel, it can be transformed into a variety of postures for you to use.

The silicone doll is made of all-silicone without inflation, so its price is also slightly more expensive. With the improvement of people’s living standards, and domestic people’s minds are gradually opening up, and the acceptance of sex dolls is getting higher and higher. It is a good choice for people to buy the silicone sex doll who want to pursue high quality.

5.More and More Japanese Men Have Lost Themselves in Silicone Sex Dolls

Now more and more Japanese men choose to “fall in love” with silicone dolls. The birth rate of Japanese continues to decline, and more and more Japanese men choose not to fall in love with real people in order to avoid being betrayed. Instead,they try to find “true love” from the sex dolls.

According to market reports, the Japanese market sells about 2,000 silicone sex dolls every year for about $6,000. They have adjustable fingers, removable heads. The current dolls are quite different from the dolls of the 70s. More and more people buy sex dolls because they feel they can communicate with dolls. These sex dolls are very popular with disabled guests, widowed people and people who are obsessed with dolls.

This is a terrible phenomenon that will immerse people in this closed environment. This can lead to a series of problems, and users will lose the normal communication skills of human beings.

6.Why do Many People Choose to Be with Silicone Dolls?

In fact, there are many physiological reasons that can explain why many people like to be with silicone dolls. For example, lack of opportunities to engage with people, shyness or social anxiety, lack of experience and self-awareness.

Dr. Carinas said: “Sexual behavior plays a very important role in one person’s life.” Social isolation may have a devastating effect on people’s physical and mental health. He said that sex dolls do have a great benefit for those who can’t find a life partner.

For those who have lost their partners because of death, breakup, divorce, or those who have their own flaws and are difficult to get in touch with others, staying with sex dolls can bring them many benefits.