Can smoking cessation really improve the quality of sexual life? There are experiments with the truth!

Now smoking has become the norm in this society, but as people pay attention to health and health during this time, many people have decided to quit smoking, and everyone is also studying some changes and benefits after quitting smoking. Recently, there have been many People have found that men who succeed in quitting smoking have better sex life than those who have failed to quit smoking. Is this a coincidence or is it really the charm of quitting smoking?

One expert has studied this problem, but it has not yet been determined that this phenomenon is what every male has. He just said that the fact that smoking cessation can improve the quality of sexual life does occur in many people’s lives. Moreover, under his research, most people did improve their sexual life after the success of smoking cessation, but a small number of people did not have much improvement.
In his experiment, a total of 65 men were selected. At the beginning, the experimenting experts asked them to quit smoking within eight weeks by sticking a nicotine patch. This is a very effective way to quit smoking. However, it is not recommended for everyone to choose, because this quick-acting practice is likely to have an impact on the body, and this behavior is not really completed smoking cessation, but only temporarily achieved the result of smoking cessation.

After quitting smoking, the experts gave the 65 experimenters a sexual plot of the movie, during which the expert assistants were responsible for observing and recording their reactions. In addition to this kind of physiological response that can be seen immediately, they also understand their attitudes and concerns about sexual life in real life, because this external feeling will also have an impact on their reaction.
At the end of the experiment, the experts arranged for 20 men to insist on not smoking for a week, and the rest began to smoke again. When they tried again a week later, they found that men who quit smoking reacted quite a lot when watching sexual movies. And this high-quality sexual life response is significantly stronger than those who continue to smoke later.
However, because this experiment chooses too few references and is not representative, it cannot be accepted as a law, but smoking does bring a lot of trouble to life. This is unquestionable. Many people who smoke often do not show up in a state of non-smoking. In this case, the quality of sex life is also reasonable.

There are many examples that show that smoking cessation does improve the quality of sexual life, and studies have shown that men’s sperm activity is higher after smoking cessation, so if you are troubled by sex and want to be improved, hurry. Quit smoking.