How Important Is Sex Life to Men And Women in Marriage? Here Are The Views of Married Ladies!

In marriage, the same sex life can not only enhance each other’s feelings, but also the best shortcut for the two to quarrel and be as good as ever. There is a saying that “the husband and wife are quarreling at the bed and bed”, which is enough to show that sex life is Men and women in marriage play a vital role.

In the current phenomenon of divorce, more and more small couples are divorced because of disharmonious sex life. Of course, there are also some couples who choose to do one because they For a nameless marriage, in fact, such a marriage has long been like a pool of water, because sex life is fresh and live water.

First, the benefits to each other’s body

Some scientific studies have shown that sexual life can also treat insomnia and dreams, so that women’s moods are more pleasant, while women who have long-term harmonious sexual life have smooth and delicate skin, and the color is as rosy as a blooming rose, which is not very harmonious than those of sexual life. The woman looks younger and more full of charm. And a good sex life will make men more energetic, but also make men’s temper more gentle.

Second, resist the other woman

If the husband and wife’s sex life is not so harmonious, the most prone problem is the other woman. This is also the chief culprit in destroying the family. If the husband and wife are glued like paint, the feelings are solid, the other woman, the another woman, it is impossible to invade, because sex life is the best sword to resist them.

Third, the strongest emotional cohesion

Two strange men and women have become a family, if there is no sex, then there must be no love. Sex life is the red line that draws the deep feelings of two people. It is also the strongest cohesive force. The two people’s body and mind are together. Naturally, this family will be filled with warmth and love. No matter what you do, couples are united and strength is made one by one, and the cause is easier to succeed.

So don’t underestimate the sex life, only a good sex life can make a family more perfect. The relationship between husband and wife is harmonious. For children, it is also the best example of feelings. If the parents’ feelings are confused, for the children, later Growing up will be very confusing. After all, it is not easy to form a family.

If the two sides are not particularly satisfied with each other’s sex ability, they must communicate and communicate more, instead of choosing to sleep in separate rooms, because that will only make two people’ heart getting farther and farther, the feelings will be as cold as water, and it will be a fatal fight for your marriage.