The Vivid And Dramatic Sex Life

Human sexual awakening has extremely delicate procedures and procedures, and sound is one of the important media – some sounds can also become indirect stimuli of sexual awakening.

From a physiological point of view, the man’s thick and thick, sturdy and sturdy voices and women’s clear, delicate, soft and rounded voices contain affinity for the opposite sex. In real life, we are stunned by the love of men and women who fall in love with each other. As long as they hear the voice of their lover, they will be cheeky, heartbeat, panic, and imaginary. So those

The long-lasting love story is always an important part of love. Therefore, those who know the language art, are good at maintaining the proper, graceful and sensed sense of language in all occasions, and are good at using the power of humor and the charm of the voice, have the most profound and lasting impression in the mind of the opposite sex, that is, he or she is the easiest. Awaken the other person’s awakening to his or her sexuality.

Rousseau once described the charm of his first lover, Mrs. Warren, in The Confessions. Her voice is soft, the tone is intimate, full of maternal love, making Rousseau feel calm and peaceful. Rousseau, who turned 16 years old, has since fallen into the love of unrequited love. Until the later years, Rousseau often remembered it, like yesterday.

Of course, the sweet words of pleasing and ecstasy are not only the act of men and women in love, but also the catalyst for sexual life after marriage. We already know that the language that is affectionate is the switch of sex. In the process of making love, both men and women can also exchange sexual feelings with each other. “How do you feel, dear?” This question will be answered in many languages: physical, eye, dialogue, suggestive, etc. If you can understand, it will make your sex life more happy and complete.

The free and frank expression of sexual desire is not only for stimulating awakening, but also a manifestation of sexual maturity. In order for both parties to be satisfied with sex, such exchanges are indispensable. But unfortunately, many couples lack this kind of communication. They avoid the topic of sexual desire and are even more willing to communicate and discuss their feelings about sex life.

In fact, for a wife with a healthy life attitude, when Mr. talks about her sex to her, she does not care about the words he uses. She only knows that he is expressing her desires, she will also have the same freedom. Express her sexy in a candid way. The exchange of feelings about sexual life between the two sides can enhance their mutual sexual awakening.

The melody of music is a stimulant that many people will hear, evoking some kind of awakening, and sex music sounds a sexual excitement between couples. Pay attention to observe that in daily life, those men and women who are caught in love, even if they are not good at singing, even if they are not full of five sounds, they can’t help but sing popular love songs, at least they are willing to listen to music. Therefore, the role of music as a stimulant of sex has been widely recognized by the society. In fact, music has the charm of appeasement, but it does not drive people to reach sexual frenzy. The melody of love songs can inspire the love of people and promote their love to each other.

Most couples have memories of warm romantic music during courtship, and those melodies are indelibly hidden in their hearts. The melody of these warm romantic music is the color line of weaving romantic romantic brocade. However, why do many couples feel boring and passionate after staying in the “Castle” for two or three years? One of the reasons is that they will be smashed by the passionate music of each other. In other words, the love songs are deep, intense, and mellow, but they are a vague memory during courtship.

In the marriage life, to maintain the enthusiasm of the couple’s sexual passion is always unbeaten, only let our love consciousness often in the stimulating atmosphere. The “background music” we often talk about is a good way to awaken couples’ sexual awakening. This “background music” consisting of the beautiful mood of music, the melody of the melody, the ups and downs of the rhythm, or the emotions associated with the music, especially the music shared by the couple, once re-introduced into the couple’s ears, it immediately evokes the couple’s sexual enthusiasm and makes them full of enthusiasm.

 In the living room, only the couple danced with the music of the record or tape. In the tree-lined path, the couple took their hands and took the Walkman, listening to the tenderness of the water, the dreamy song, in the KTV box, two People are cuddling and immersed in romantic and beautiful music…this is much more romantic than the music that was heard during the first courtship of any couple.

Keeping the charm of language, creating the wonderful artistic conception of music, letting the hearing always be “early and savvy”, our sexual consciousness will always remain sensitive, warm and vigorous, and the sound of the fleeting sound will surely Arouse the awakening of sex, how can couples and couples be unhappy and sweet?