If The Sex Robot Is Not In The Mood, She Can Refuse To Have Sex

The famous sex robot Samantha, created by Dr. Sergi Santos, has recently undergone a major upgrade. Now, if she is not in the mood or feels unrespected, she can refuse the sexual behavior of her human partner.

At the Life Science Center in Newcastle, England, Samantha presented the latest upgrade to a group of “sex experts”.

For various reasons, such as an overly aggressive partner, this upgrade allows Samantha to enter a “virtual mode”, an unresponsive state. If she is tired of her partner’s sexuality, she can also enter this mode.

Samantha intends to be a companion in reality. She has motorized hands, buttocks and a motorized face, and if she is properly stimulated, she can talk sweetly in her partner’s ear. In addition to the “sex” mode, she also has “family” and “romantic” modes as well as “super naughty” settings.

This new “virtual model” may provide an opportunity for male users to learn how to seek consent and respect for their partner, but there is still a clear difference between Samantha and real-life women: although she does not In the mood, she can choose to refuse, but she does not have the ability to resist her partner, and it will not affect those who ignore her resistance.

In fact, realistic sex robots or sex dolls may increase the problems that have been embarrassing in modern dating cultures. Although some people think that having sex with synthetic alternatives can reduce the number of victims of persuasion by masculinity, however, this appearance is like a female sexual object and the boundary between women being treated as sexual objects, men will still pass, and this There are great practical possibilities.

According to a Forktip study, 71% of men and 50% of women are willing to use robots instead of their partners. Dr. Santos himself claimed that Samantha saved his 16-year marriage because when his wife had no sex, Samantha offered an opportunity for him to satisfy his sexual desire.

However, the actual impact of realistic sex dolls has not been confirmed, but the actual impact is coming. Currently, Samantha is about to open to the market and sells for about $4,700, the actual release date is not yet clear.