Futurists Predict That Robot Sex Dolls Will Become The Protagonists In The Next 30 Years

According to the British Daily Mail, robots can perform a variety of tasks, such as acting as bodyguards, office supervisors, etc., but robots will soon be integrated into the sex industry. Currently, a futurist predicts that women and men will begin to choose robotic partners in the next 10 years, and gradually become colder with human partners.

The futurist Dr. Ian Pearson has written a report on future sex life research. He believes that human choice of robotic partners will be very popular in the future, and it is expected that 2050 will eventually replace human sexuality. At the same time, the main consumer groups in the current doll market are men, and the emergence of future sex robots will also lead to a large number of female consumer groups.

An adult online store called Bonda pointed out that in 2030 many people will use virtual reality helmets to complete their sexual behavior. By then, many sex doll companies will develop new devices that combine smartphones with the Internet. Dr. Pearson said that in the future many sex dolls will connect directly to the human nervous system or enter human dreams.

Although some people will buy robot sex dolls to meet their sexual needs, most people buy robots to do housework. If a family buys a robot in the future, like buying a car, they will not choose an ugly robot, but prefer a more attractive robot.

With the establishment of a close relationship between home robots and humans in the future, there will inevitably be a sex robot that meets human needs. Recently, Pearson at the seminar held at the Eindhoven School of Design in the Netherlands pointed out that people can use the latest technology to “hack” their appearance.

For example, new polymeric materials can be used to improve nipple touch, and hair extensions can be combined with ultra-fine fibers. In addition, sex dolls and APP software, humans can directly connect with the nervous system, connect dreams, and even share the sex experience. This means that future human sexual life will be easier, safer and more frequent, and more interesting.

At the same time, the report pointed out that people wearing virtual reality glasses can achieve “authentic sex”, they will see different sexual partners, such as: seeing stars, or changing their appearance or clothing, adding more attractive. Through the use of virtual reality technology, the future of humans will directly stimulate the brain compartment, touch the button to establish orgasm, share sexual experience, have different sexual partners.

Pearson predicts that future sex robots will replace stripper nightclubs and brothel sex workers. In the next 10 years, some wealthy families will have their own “sex robots.”