Why Do Japanese Men Like to Buy Sex dolls As A Wife? Stories about Japanese Men And Their Dolls

I believe no one hasn’t ever seen Japanese anime, Japan’s animation industry is very famous, but at the same time, Japanese otaku house girls are definitely the most in the world.

And there is another trend now, more and more Japanese men like to live with dolls. Most of these people are uncles, and they are very old. They may have had a bad marriage before, and then they chose to live with their dolls.

In Japan, about 2,000 silicone sex dolls are sold every year, and the price is $6,000. They are very similar to people, and the skin feels very realistic.

They will treat the doll as their wife and lover, bathe with the doll, travel, watch movies and TV, etc., and will also dress up the doll every day, taking care of the meticulous.

Even if the wife and children at home don’t support them to raise the dolls, they like the dolles very much, even if they break the house and don’t separate from the doll.

Some people say that love is one of the most unreliable feelings in the world, and a small twist can make the seemingly indestructible feeling fall apart. But true love also exists. A Japanese man customized an sex doll online. Every day, the man will help the doll to makeup.

The man is 67 years old, his wife died of illness last year, and the man has not come out of this nightmare for a long time. The people who have been with them for so many years have suddenly disappeared, which makes men grieve.

Later, under the reminder of others, he decided to customize an inflatable doll online. Although the doll can’t talk, there is such a doll at home, just like the wife who died is accompanied by himself.

He sent his wife’s photo when she was young to the merchant, and listed a series of requirements for the merchant, only hope that the merchant can make a doll that is almost the same as his wife.

The doll made by the merchant makes the man more satisfied. He said that the face of the doll is indeed eighty-nine points when he is younger than his wife.

With the companionship of this doll, the man gradually came out of the haze that his wife left. Every day, he carefully dressed the doll, and he will give it a dress in the cold, and he will not forget to reduce its clothes in hot weather, he completely regarded this doll as his wife.

Does such deep feelings touch you?