Realistic Touch And Attractive Posture, Enter Into The Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Studio

Since 1977, Orient has been producing a series of sex doll models, and now the latest generation of Real Love Doll is coming soon. On the wall or on the soft silicone sex doll, which one make you happier?

Real Love Doll’s latest Ange, made from special silicone material, uses the new Titan Frame2 as an internal bone for articulation and fixation, while the exterior is seamless, making it a truly seamless connection. The Ange doll is 157 centimeters tall and weighs 25 kilograms, which is 10 kilograms lighter than the full silicone sex doll in 2001.

At the silicone sex doll factory, buyers can customize the height, skin color, chest size, eye color and hair color of each sex doll.

The most popular silicone sex dolls have white skin and large chests, ranging from 158cm to 170cm. Sculptors, engineers, and make-up artists strive for excellence in every step of the production process.

The current price of Ange dolls is between 500,000 and 700,000 Japanese Yuan, but despite the high price, there are still many people coming to buy them. It is their only purpose to get comfort from them. Of course, the specific way is not enough for others. Only when you buy one yourself can you slowly feel the fun.

The silicone sex doll industry is about to usher in its glory moment in its unique way. Due to the magic of artificial intelligence, the perfect robot wife in science fiction will soon become a reality.

Men will be able to create their perfect silicone wife, be versatile, and understand their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. Silicone wife will never have a headache, she will always be ready to meet your needs, when you are in a bad mood, she can talk to you like a real person.

Orient industry is a company with 33 years of experience in producing high-end sex dolls. It ranks first in Japan. The dolls produced are not only realistic, but also articulate, and emphasize the different characters of the doll. The company produces more than 1,000 silicone sex dolls each year.

According to industry insiders, the Japanese market sells about 2,000 silicone sex dolls every year for about $6,000. These sex dolls have flexible fingers, detachable heads and realistic shapes.

Once a sex robot becomes a reality, people will see other people talking to these robots and going out to play together, then people will begin to accept these simulated relationships.

Now, it has entered the realm of science fiction. People are still imagining what the future will look like, and they will imagine other people’s perceptions of having a robot doll. Therefore, before something like this becomes more mainstream, people need to overcome a bigger psychological problem.

Some people are ready, willing and able to accept a $15,000 “sex robot” from RealDoll. This may soon become mainstream, and before we realize it, silicone sex dolls will become part of our lives.