Best Sex Toys Are Produced With Voice Technology, VR Technology

Looking back at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, it’s not hard to find that sex toy manufacturers are trying to bring people a “VR-style” sex experience.

The following are five interesting trends and related products that will be “detonated” in 2018. It can only be said that sex toy dealers are striving to provide products before people need them. In one sentence, if you summarize the trend of the 2018 fun market, you can only say “no real and no interest.”

1. Toys That Talk Dirty To You

When it comes to the authenticity of a sex toy, you may only think that the texture or style of the toy is more like a real person. But have you ever thought that a sex toy can sound like a real person and have some interaction with you?

Pleasure Products USA has launched a god-level masturbation device for male customers – 3v Starlet Stroker, in addition to simulating the vagina and 10 vibration modes, recording the hum of adult actors, and the various little yellow words you can think of, added A new sense of body.

Sherri Shaulis, senior editor of AVN Magazine Entertainment Products, an industry trade publication, pointed out that the fun toy that can sound is a major trend in 2019.

Another fun toy company, Pipedreams, has also launched an interactive fun toy. In addition to the action technology that sex toys should have, it also adds high-fidelity speakers. During use, the toy will follow your steps and make different sounds. , including swearing to you.

2. Porn movies can also be “VR” (VR Porn)

At this time, some sex toy manufacturers will say that it is not enough to talk about sex toys, they want to make people’s entire masturbation experience to the extreme.

They prepared VR glasses for people, so that people can immerse themselves in their masturbation journey. Toys are also equipped with motion-sensing technology to make your movements and videos more synchronized and realistic.

And users can control the fun toys through the mobile app and Bluetooth to adjust the frequency and feel.

3. Suction female masturbation device

Womanizer ($77.99) has surrendered women around the world, and the toy takes a new sucking technique that allows women to experience different orgasms.

“ There is no doubt that this technology will be innovated in 2018,” Shaulis said. “The successful popularity of Satisfyer’s female masturbation device has attracted more fun toy manufacturers to add techniques such as sucking, barometric pressure and sound waves to women’s sex toys.”

4. Gender-Neutral Sex Toys

In the past, the gender of sex toys was still very clear. But with the blurring of the gender boundaries of today’s people, sex toy manufacturers have also begun new attempts.

Kimberly Faubel, director of operations at Clandestine Devices, a sex toy company, said: “We see that sex toys are no longer targeted at men or women, and there are more and more neutral toys. This is a good trend.”

5. Smart Sex Dolls And Sex Robots

Whether the fun robot will become the mainstream, there is no final conclusion. In addition to showing up in the media, it is not practical for most people, mainly because it is expensive ($10,000 or higher), and it is difficult to clean and save.

But now, toy manufacturers are determined to improve the technology, study its characteristics, make these toys as real as possible, and many dolls can move their heads and joints.