Adult sex toys:Sexual helper for sex life

You know, it’s not enough to rely on your hard-working hands when you need someone to share your sex life with — although that can create some “happiness,” it’s all about you. You need some help with sex toys, which have a wrapped and simulated feel that your own hands can’t replicate.

Study the sensitive zone

What is less well known is that men have a far greater concentration of sexually sensitive areas than women, almost all of them on the penis, including: the neck of the penis, known as the coronary groove;The penile lacuna, which is located just below the head of the penis;The skin of the penis, especially along the urethra. The best, and most traditional, way to concentrate on stimulating them is to let the penis in. Whether it’s a masturbation cup or a silicone channel shaped like a mouth, vagina, anus, or even afoot, you need to meet this need.

In order to stimulate the penis, the silicone vagina is not flat. Some have internal whorls, some have complex shapes with different twists and turns in each section, and some even mimic female vaginal structures and make similar shapes. There are other ways to get pleasure without using human thrusts. When the switch is turned on, the inner beads move up and down, rubbing against you instead of you rubbing against it. Because the underside of the glans is so sensitive, some products have a vibrator on top. In some products that mimic the mouth, vibrators are placed on the side to mimic the “tongue” licking action.

The silicone used to make the products is usually softer than that used for female sex toys, and online stores that sell the products often post pictures of them pinching and pinching hard to show softness. There are many blood vessels on the penis stem, and the skin is thin.

The female vagina is not usually a cylindrical cavity, more like a flat tube that squeezes the penis when a man inserts it. The pressure of sucking during oral sex is also intoxicating. So some male sex toys have an air pump inside them, and when the button is pressed, the pump pulls the air out of the tube, making it feel like the vagina is tightening and the mouth is sucking.

But the penis isn’t the only “top erogenous zone.”In the Middle East, men masturbate with a thin copper rod with a small ball at the top, inserted from the urethral opening into the prostate gland. After masturbation, the pleasure is too intense to imagine (dangerous, do not imitate). The source of this super pleasure is the prostate gland, known as the male g-spot.

To come in contact with this walnut-sized gland just below the bladder, the other channel is the anus. In general, the prostate gland is about 4 centimeters from the anus, in front of the rectum wall. Emergency room doctors have pulled tiny shampoo bottles, light bulbs, and even guinea pigs out of patients’ anuses to see it. Because when the anal sphincter is tense, it contracts uncontrollably, possibly sucking the contents into the rectum. If so, you might as well buy a male g-spot stimulator.

The g-spot stimulator is usually a “U” type, or inverted “T” type, with one segment inserted into the anus and the other remaining outside the body, making it impossible to inhale. The vibrator is usually placed at the outside end of the body, which is usually placed in the perineum, the small area between the scrotum and the anus. Perineum is also a place of nerve density, a “secondary sensitive area,” and it’s just below the prostate gland, which can be stimulated by squeezing it. Of course, male anus and women are the same, expansionary is not strong, most people use this kind of toys are not suitable, really want to play, the strategy is the smaller the better, the more lubricant the better.