Adult Sex Toys-New Sex Toy for Ultimate Polarity Experience

It is not the consumers that restrict the adult sex toys market, but the manufacturers of adult sex toys. Why can the adult sex toys market in the US be bigger, but not in the country? Consumption power and cultural differences between the East and the West are one reason. Say a word to adult sex toys manufacturers: Only increase investment in R&D, improve technology content, improve production processes, strengthen patent protection, and put new and continuous products on the market. The only way to be strong is to be able to take the lead and grasp the initiative.

The adult sex toys market is still in its infancy, and toys are basically based on the ancient nine-ring and tangram. There are still no new products in the market, the development concept is backward, the design creativity is lacking, and the manufacturing process is rough. It is the bottleneck for the development of adult toys. For Zhoushan, this market may be in a situation where there is demand, no supply, or insufficient supply. And this may be a business opportunity.

Now, some companies are developing a new type of adult sex toys that uses virtual reality to give men a final experience. This new type of adult sex toys, called eJaculator, was jointly developed by China and the United States. It is a product that uses virtual reality technology to provide men around the world with fresh awareness of adult toys, pornography and sexual stimulation. The product consists of an APP, a virtual reality headset, a wireless remote control for operation, and a silicone sleeve (with battery) for insertion.

This adult sex toys app is very active, users are steadily increasing, it is also a platform to upload porn videos for free. The developer now has two video content providers, and is also working with two POV content producers to discuss cooperation. They hope to have 1,000 videos available by the end of 2016. This app will allow users to search and select their favorite videos, as well as specific modes, categories or imaginary and update notifications. In addition, this app also has an endurance enhancement program and three levels of silicone: entry, raw and expert. Researchers are still working hard to create a part that provides gay content.

The silicone sleeve will come in two sizes, standard and large. Its function is simply to vibrate when the user watches the video. This device is equipped with a detachable rechargeable battery that can be connected to any of the V5 USB jacks for charging.

The researchers also said that they added a leg base and a desk base for the device, which is more ideal for use. The injection muscle will be released in 2016 and will create a complete virtual reality virtual reality movement. This equipment is noisy, easy to clean and hands free.

Beta users say that the muscles are almost like “the real person is there.” In addition, it also brings different levels of pleasure to men, which will improve men’s perception of sexual well-being.

Next, the R&D company plans to start developing toys that enhance women’s sexual well-being. Their goal is to combine virtual reality technology with the adult industry to truly achieve physiologically pleasing needs at the technical level.