More and More People Regard Dolls As Real Life Sex Dolls

Someone recently released a photo of a group of sex dolls and their owners, which truly reflects the inner world of these doll lovers. It took a year to build trust with these doll owners, who spent a lot of money and energy on these dolls. For some people, their dolls make their only companion, they have their own special hobbies, or suffer the grief of widowhood and divorce; others naturally let these dolls into their social circle of life, I don’t care what other people think.

Here are some of the sex dolls in real life:

After having his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife divorced him and took his daughter. In the years that followed, Chris couldn’t reach them. He looked around on social networks and finally found his daughter and reunited with her. However, after the event of his ex-wife, he can no longer build relationships with women. The injured Chris now has two doll companions, which are worth a thousand pounds, and the price of high-end custom products is as high as £33,000. In order to buy doll Jessica, Phil specifically quit smoking for a year. He said that he knows that Jessica is just a toy, and that his family and friends know her existence, but he does not care what others think.

In order to avoid negative comments, the man named Baron von Doll chose to take a photo with his doll Tania. Like many fans, Baron von Doll collects his dolls privately and doesn’t let others know.

The man named Shadowman has a girlfriend and two adult daughters in his life, but he is still obsessed with living with dolls. In addition to Carly, he also has four dolls. His family and friends know the existence of these dolls.

Carl has been divorcing his wife for 20 years, and he has tried dating others since then, but after eight years of hard work, he has not met the right person. So he bought Alektra as his companion, Carl said that the doll is always unable to replace the real person, he still hopes to meet the right object.

Deerman’s wife died of cancer, and he later dated with some women, but found that his favorite women did not like him, so a few years later, he customized a doll companion Erica according to the appearance of his ex-wife, Deerman’s daughter also knows Erica The presence.

Not only men will buy a doll companion. As a woman, Angela bought her partner Anna in 2014. Anna is a custom doll with two replaceable faces.

The man named Nescio 50 and his doll companion Lily, he chose not to appear, because his lifestyle has put him under great pressure. He said that the mother wants him to choose a real girlfriend. He has never talked to a girl about love, he thinks that the doll partner makes him very happy.

These valuable dolls have very fragile skin and often have bruises. The doll owners often send them back to the factory for repairs.