Do you dare give her a sex toy?

A man took his girlfriend to the sex culture festival, the exhibition hall, a variety of colors, shapes, functions of the simulation of toys full of beautiful things in eyes, looking around, like a sea of desire. Unexpectedly, the girlfriend is very interested in these fake things, touch this, pinch that, a look of eye-opening. And that wasn’t all. Holding up a massage stick that was even bigger than his and saying, “honey, why don’t you get me one?”

The man’s reaction, as you’ve guessed, is to clench his fist and growl at her, “can’t I satisfy you?!”– is not hit one place, think oneself all day long hard “work”, still not as good as a plug battery of rubber rod! He drags his bewildered girlfriend away, vowing never to take her to another sex festival.

Full of grievances is the man’s first reaction to female sex toys. They are happy to give women sex gifts, but it is nothing more than sexy underwear, aphrodisiac perfume, to satisfy their own physical and mental enjoyment. They hesitate to “destroy the body” — but that doesn’t stop him from asking the price of the inflatable dolls in private, a sign of male selfishness in relationships.

Some men are less generous than women when it comes to sex toys. Sex life quality how is the communication key between boudoir honey all the time, after one cummer is loved broken half a year, boudoir honey people worry about the individual life that rises her to loneliness, lack sexual love to moist, went to sex toy store to buy a meeting to shake actively “small bee”.Still have cummer to marry 10 years, be fed up with the motion on the bed with insipid husband and wife, signed up then “interest class”, bought a pile of the aphrodisiac candle, interest underwear, essence oil…Let the atmosphere in the bedroom henceforth myriad.

Men are deeply narcissistic about sex, so sex toys designed for women challenge men’s self-esteem. Women can enjoy themselves without him? Even sex toys, with their texture, shape and vibrational function, offer far more pleasure than men? All this leaves men with a strong sense of frustration. Men have always thought that they are the king of the world of both sexes, as long as strong enough, there will be countless women wagtail sex. But all this has been reversed, for sex, women do not need men.

Things to now, even a sex toy are haggling over every ounce of men are very despised by women. Men are biologically superior from the moment God creates them. Orgasm is easy, they can start without preheating up, and they can separate sex from love. Women are not getting any benefit, and the needs of a man in bed may not be fully understood throughout his life. Besides, sometimes they don’t bother to know.

Women’s sex toys are an updated version of men’s functions, completely separated from their physical bodies, and can be used without discussion. As a result, men don’t have to be weird anymore. Women can’t have fun. They have alternatives. And don’t put on a bad face when it comes to women’s use of sex toys.

However, “imitation” can never replace “reality TV”, so there is no need to worry about some time in the future when men will disappear from the earth and women will live by themselves with a pile of “rubber sticks”, because in the end it is men who will make them attached, and no well-designed sex toy can match a skilled living person. Many women in the sex toy review said, “I bought this to show him.”She pleased herself, but more to please him. Sex is an interactive game, not a conquering one.

In this day and age, most men and women are already open and transparent about sex. A sex toy, two people play together, enjoy each other, at the same time, is it not better? Men can separate sex from love, and to some extent, women can too. If she loves you, a decathlon sex toy won’t do as much for her as a sleeping arm. If she doesn’t love you, she won’t be too attached to you, even if you’re a functional sex superman. Women do not love a man, usually not because of sex, but because he ignored her, to her lonely and hurt.