Silicone doll after the use of care

Silicone doll has a scientific lower body structure, intelligent vibration frequency, negative pressure can produce regular vaginal siphon contraction, with your sexual experience, to the doll caused pressure, the greater the pressure, the inner structure of the secret place is tighter.So, how to deal with the silicone doll after use, can you often use it?

Silicone doll is a kind of artificial sex toy, instead of real people to meet the sexual needs.Can divide male and female doll, the use of silicone doll, to prevent prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation and other diseases, especially on the role of regulating sex apathy.At the same time, the physiological conditions of men and women are different, often cause male and female orgasm time is different, this time can be used as a prelude to sexual love or sexual love after one side is still unsatisfied auxiliary tools, using silicone doll can make sex life as synchronized as possible, to achieve perfect harmony;For the following people, silicone dolls can help them.

How to deal with silicone doll after use?When cleaning after use, gently wipe the doll with a dry wet towel (a small amount of shower gel or toothpaste can be used), do not soak the doll in water, keep away from tiana water, toluene and other corrosive chemicals, and keep all circuit accessories dry, so as to avoid circuit failures;Before collecting, take out the battery from the battery box and place the battery in the original position for next use.

And although the silicone doll is a silicone or other skin-friendly materials, but we still need to pay attention to the health of the use of silicone doll, every time after the use of strict disinfection, if not used for a long time, before the use of cleaning and disinfection should be strictly executed.

Can silicone doll be used often?Men can not often use silicone doll, moderate, if the excessive use of absolute harm and no benefit, serious may cause social phobia, or communication with ordinary women, and so on.Holding silicone doll all day long, doomed not to get a happy marriage.