A Wide Variety of Sex Toys For Couples, Will You Buy One For Your Girlfriend?

A man went to the sex culture festival with his girlfriend. In the exhibition hall, simulation toys of various colors, shapes and functions are dazzling, and they are like a sea of sensuality. Unexpectedly, his girlfriend was very interested in these fake things, touched this, pinched that, an eye-opening expression. This is not finished, she even hold a more powerful massager than his size, and said “Dear, buy one for me?”

The man’s reaction is that you have already guessed it. He will scream at his girlfriend next to his fist. “Can’t I satisfy you?!”—He was very angry, he thought he “work hard” all day long, still not as good as a rubber rod with a plug battery! When he was angry, he rushed away with his incomprehensible girlfriend and vowed never to take her to the sex culture festival.

Full of grievances is the first reaction of men to female sex toys. They are happy to give women a sexual gift, but that is just a sexy underwear, aphrodisiac perfume and even a different formula of aphrodisiac, in the end is to satisfy their own physical and mental enjoyment.

They can really use the things they are doing, but they hesitate to avoid them, and they can’t wait to “destroy the dead” – but this does not prevent him from inquiring about the price of inflatable dolls. The inability to push oneself and the person is the selfish manifestation of men in the relationship between the sexes.

In the face of sex toys, some men are not as good as women. How the quality of sexual life has always been the focus of communication between girlfriends. After a girlfriend lost love, she only spent half a year. The girlfriends were worried that her personal life was too lonely, lacking sex and nourishing, and took the initiative to go to the sex shop to buy her a “small bee” that would shake.

There are also girlfriends who have been married for more than ten years, and have been fed up with the boring bed movement between husband and wife. So they signed up for the “fun class” and bought a bunch of aphrodisiac candles, sexy lingerie, essential oils, and jumping eggs… from then on.

For sex, men have a deep narcissistic complex, so sex toys designed for women challenge men’s self-esteem. Can a woman enjoy herself without him? Even the texture, shape, and vibration of sex toys can provide far more thrill than men. These have caused a strong sense of frustration in men. Men always think that they are the king of the world of the sexes. As long as they are strong enough, there will be countless women wagging for joy. But all this has been reversed. For sex, women can not need the luck of men.

Nowadays, even a man who cares about a sex toy is very disfigured by a woman. Only Zhou Guan set fire to the people not to light? Are they prohibited from using sex toys while cutting their left and right hands? Men are physically dominant when they are created by God. It is easy to get a climax. You can start work without preheating, and you can separate sex from love. Women don’t have any benefits, and the need for a bed may not be fully understood by a man for a lifetime. Moreover, sometimes they are lazy to understand.

Women’s sex toys are an upgraded version of the male function. They have been completely separated from their bodies. They want to use them without having to discuss them. Therefore, men do not have to take advantage of strange goods. Women can’t be happy, they have alternatives. Don’t even put a stinky face on the use of sex toys by women. If every man is perfect, women don’t want to put a bunch of “artificials” on the bed.

Today, sex toys, like cosmetics, are included in the women’s shopping list. If you think that the women you play with yourself are empty worms, then go and see how amazing the sales of sex toys on the shopping network are. The comments of female customers are so bright, it is much easier to master a massage stick than an eyeliner.

However, “imitation” can never replace “reality show”, so there is no need to worry about men extinct from the earth at some point in the future and women holding a bunch of “rubber sticks” to live by themselves, because it is still a man who ends up being physically and mentally attached. The well-designed sex toys are not as good as a skilled living person. Many women in the sales evaluation of sex toys said, “I bought this for the show to show him.” She pleased herself, but to please him. However, the sexual thinking of men should be changed, sex is an interactive game, not a conquest game.

In this era, most men and women have been able to treat sexuality in an open and transparent manner. A sex toy, two people play together, appreciate each other, enjoy at the same time, isn’t it better? Men can separate sex from love, and to a certain extent, women can. If she loves you, even if she is given a ghostly, decathlon sex toy, it is not as good as an arm that you are holding her to sleep. If she doesn’t love you, even if you are a super-sexual superman, she won’t be more than one point. A woman does not love a man, usually not because of sex, but because he ignores her and gives her loneliness and hurt.