Collect Sexy Doll As “Daughters”

What did you do in the past in the past? We may enjoy an hour of sleep in bed, or play a morning video game, or… and easily walk to the city to visit the “Sexy Doll Museum”…

Of course, this may not be possible in China, but after a year, it may become a reality in Spain… the premise is that sexy doll manufacturers really want to do something!

Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to circumvent the law prohibiting the operation of brothels by introducing realistic sexy dolls. The company described itself as “the first sexy doll organization in Europe.”

In the southwest, a man collected nine sexy dolls. He insisted that he did not care about being labeled as “perverted” because he regarded them as his acting daughter. My love for sexy dolls is like fatherly love.

This eye-catching hobby has made him a hot topic in the town, especially since he has created a social media account that shows him and his “daughters” visiting local attractions or shopping out photos and videos.

Mr. Yu’s wife divorced him more than a decade ago. So far, Mr. Yu has spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy costumes and musical instruments for sexy dolls.

In order to avoid giving the wrong impression, he said that he only used sexy dolls to take pictures, and his family had no opinion on his pastimes.

He said that he never took pictures of his doll when he was not wearing clothes, and he was not allowed to do so.

Five years ago, when he saw a sexy doll sold in Beijing, his curiosity was stirred up for the first time.

Initially, he delayed the purchase because of the price of 80,000 yuan, but a few months later, he decided to take the risk of ordering one online.

He named his first sexy doll “Little Snow”. Since then, he celebrated her birthday on the day that Xiaoxue came to his house and gave her a cake.

Since then, he has held a similar celebration for himself to buy eight sexy dolls – four of which were donated by his friends after their marriage, and their wife asked to dispose of them – but he told the portal He still likes Xiaoxue most.

Yu lives alone in a three-story house, and he says he is happy to have this company because his 19-year-old son works far away from home.

He insisted that his family had no problem with his hobbies, saying that his son regarded the sexy doll as his sister. He said that his nieces often go to his house to play with dolls, and his neighbors think he lives in his own world.

To illustrate his point of view, he told a story. Once he and his son were holding a sexy doll on the street, a man walked towards them and squeezed the chest of the sexy doll.

He said that this angered his son, who accused the man of being “impolite to my sister.”

Mr. Yu said that he had a clear conscience about his collection. Just like other people’s hobbies, such as computer games. Hobbies are equal. “Proverbs and curses cannot defeat me.”