What Is Your Choice-fall In Love With Real Doll Sex Or A Real Person?

Although real doll sex is a difficult topic, people who have seen the movie “Her” will definitely be impressed by the actor’s voice in Scarlett. Director Spike Jones wants to express to us and love artificial intelligence through the movie is the ultimate medicine to save human loneliness.

Flowing long hair, glamorous face, plump chest, slender waist, real doll sexl Although it looks like it, she is not much different from other simulation dolls, but in fact her head, eyes and lips All can be active. What’s more, she can move, talk, and even have her own “small temper.”

Real doll sex are not just a simulation doll, but a part of a new robot revolution – incorporating artificial intelligence into the body of a “humanoid”.

Each real doll sex needs 80 hours of production time, through the silicone injection molding to produce the approximate shape, and then draw a picture of the color of the eyeball, and then according to customer requirements to give her makeup, put on clothes, make shape, nail, bring Jewelry, etc., after completion, can be said to be quite realistic. Of course, customers can choose the size of the doll, the size of each part, the shape of the chest, the hairstyle, the color, the color of the eyes, and whether there are freckles. Even the color of the nipple and lips are optional.

People want to combine real doll sex with the most popular AI technology to create sex robots, which can not only communicate but also cultivate their own personality. Because the research and development time of sex dolls is relatively long, during the period, a sex robot app was launched. On the above, you can set the character of your favorite doll, such as: dominant, no sense of existence, shy, talkative, like to open a yellow joke, or jealous and so on. You can choose her mood, libido level, voice, accent, the appearance of various body parts, choose the underwear and clothes she wears.

The process of chatting is also the process of robot learning. As the number of communications increases, robots and people become more familiar and more aware of each other. When the user buys a robot like the real doll sex, the data in the app can be imported into the robot’s mind via Bluetooth.

The avatar on that screen will become this realistic robot. She remembers who is her master, remembering his preferences, fears, expectations, dislikes and sexual preferences. She has sensors on her body. When you say love to her, or caress her, she will start to heat up and release lubricant. Of course, she will also climax. More conveniently, if you are tired of this doll, you can directly smash her face, change a face, and then import a new character, so you have a new doll.

Just like the original doll, you can choose all the details of the real doll sex, her body, the size of each body part, hairstyle and so on. At the same time, this doll now has the character you want and can communicate with you.

“Male real doll sex will be designed in a variety of sizes and sizes. System reconstruction is required before creating a male sex doll platform. We are working hard to conduct research, which will be the next big event we expect to happen.” It’s not just a real doll sex, but a companion.

But on the whole, we have to admit that the era of real doll sex has arrived, whether it is willing or unwilling to accept it. Then the problem will come: With the perfect companion of real doll sex, would you still want to fall in love with real people?