Sex dolls at E-commerce Platforms And The Development of Sex Doll in China

Sex doll, a simulation of adult products. In the current gender imbalance, the sex doll market has become hot. With the demand of the market and the advancement of technology, sex dolls have also been developed. The high-end sex dolls are made of silicone except for the bones. They are soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to real girls.

With the advent of the Internet era, the Chinese market, which has been banned by traditional ideas, has gradually broken the psychological barriers that once existed, and the adult products industry has also entered the public’s field of vision through the spring breeze.

Type “sex doll” on an e-commerce platform, the search results will show 62,700 pieces of articles: young and beautiful women look, well-designed, generally look like silicone material, the best ratio of measurements, it is likely to grow one The star face that you are familiar with is sexy. The cheapest is less than one hundred yuan, in addition to a few hundred to tens of thousands of sex dolls. An online shop seller told reporters: “As long as you are willing to spend money, you can buy highly realistic sex dolls, also known as solid dolls in the industry.”

The reporter visited and found that the 24-hour service of adult products, no one self-service vending shop, has mushroomed, as if it appeared in the eyes of the public overnight.

You can choose to walk into this small store when no one is there, and prepare for the change self-service. There are video introductions and operation instructions. The types of products are also rich and varied. If there are other needs, such as joining, the text on the wall will tell you who to contact, the mobile phone number and number are all available. It protects your privacy and meets your needs.

The reporter contacted the owner of the self-service vending shop according to the contact information left in the store. According to the owner, the business of unmanned self-service kiosks has been good. It is no problem to earn a 5,000 yuan in January. The key is that no one has self-sales, save labor, and not delay the normal work, which is equal to earning two wages.

As long as you go to the daily or two or three days to make up the supplement to make up the change. The owner said, “The biggest advantage of this kind of self-service vending shop is that it avoids the embarrassment of the purchaser, and the investment cost is not large. It does not include the rent of the shop. The machine can increase the investment of 30,000 and can return it.

In the face of the increasingly prosperous adult products market, Li Jihong believes that there is still a lot of room and potential in the domestic adult products market: “On the one hand, because of the imbalance between men and women in China, and on the other hand, with the development of the economy, people are adults. The concept of supplies has gradually changed and the demand has changed.” The foreign adult products market has been developed for 70 years, while in China alone for more than 20 years, there are still many vacuum markets waiting to be developed.