Sex doll buyer prefer to buy stock

Due to Covid-19 issue, The international shipping include express,airfreight and seafreight, weeks delay, months delay, we can understand the issue, when we place an order of sex doll, when the doll arriving to your doll, most probably you fogot this order, we can call it surprise, but nobody want to wait that long.

More and more sex doll buyer start to buy sex doll in stock, yes, it is not can not customized,like the hair, the color of the eye ball, the skin color, even the nipple color, nail color, but it is sex doll in stock, which is ready to ship in your area. less than a week will arrive, it isn’t fair enough? We have prepared the most popular sex doll models for you to choose, in UK and Europe union, if you are in United kingdom or Europe union, that is good news for you.