Sex dolls at E-commerce Platforms And The Development of Sex Doll in China

Sex doll, a simulation of adult products. In the current gender imbalance, the sex doll market has become hot. With the demand of the market and the advancement of technology, sex dolls have also been developed. The high-end sex dolls are made of silicone except for the bones. They are soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to real girls.

With the advent of the Internet era, the Chinese market, which has been banned by traditional ideas, has gradually broken the psychological barriers that once existed, and the adult products industry has also entered the public’s field of vision through the spring breeze.

Type “sex doll” on an e-commerce platform, the search results will show 62,700 pieces of articles: young and beautiful women look, well-designed, generally look like silicone material, the best ratio of measurements, it is likely to grow one The star face that you are familiar with is sexy. The cheapest is less than one hundred yuan, in addition to a few hundred to tens of thousands of sex dolls. An online shop seller told reporters: “As long as you are willing to spend money, you can buy highly realistic sex dolls, also known as solid dolls in the industry.”

The reporter visited and found that the 24-hour service of adult products, no one self-service vending shop, has mushroomed, as if it appeared in the eyes of the public overnight.

You can choose to walk into this small store when no one is there, and prepare for the change self-service. There are video introductions and operation instructions. The types of products are also rich and varied. If there are other needs, such as joining, the text on the wall will tell you who to contact, the mobile phone number and number are all available. It protects your privacy and meets your needs.

The reporter contacted the owner of the self-service vending shop according to the contact information left in the store. According to the owner, the business of unmanned self-service kiosks has been good. It is no problem to earn a 5,000 yuan in January. The key is that no one has self-sales, save labor, and not delay the normal work, which is equal to earning two wages.

As long as you go to the daily or two or three days to make up the supplement to make up the change. The owner said, “The biggest advantage of this kind of self-service vending shop is that it avoids the embarrassment of the purchaser, and the investment cost is not large. It does not include the rent of the shop. The machine can increase the investment of 30,000 and can return it.

In the face of the increasingly prosperous adult products market, Li Jihong believes that there is still a lot of room and potential in the domestic adult products market: “On the one hand, because of the imbalance between men and women in China, and on the other hand, with the development of the economy, people are adults. The concept of supplies has gradually changed and the demand has changed.” The foreign adult products market has been developed for 70 years, while in China alone for more than 20 years, there are still many vacuum markets waiting to be developed.

What Is Your Choice-fall In Love With Real Doll Sex Or A Real Person?

Although real doll sex is a difficult topic, people who have seen the movie “Her” will definitely be impressed by the actor’s voice in Scarlett. Director Spike Jones wants to express to us and love artificial intelligence through the movie is the ultimate medicine to save human loneliness.

Flowing long hair, glamorous face, plump chest, slender waist, real doll sexl Although it looks like it, she is not much different from other simulation dolls, but in fact her head, eyes and lips All can be active. What’s more, she can move, talk, and even have her own “small temper.”

Real doll sex are not just a simulation doll, but a part of a new robot revolution – incorporating artificial intelligence into the body of a “humanoid”.

Each real doll sex needs 80 hours of production time, through the silicone injection molding to produce the approximate shape, and then draw a picture of the color of the eyeball, and then according to customer requirements to give her makeup, put on clothes, make shape, nail, bring Jewelry, etc., after completion, can be said to be quite realistic. Of course, customers can choose the size of the doll, the size of each part, the shape of the chest, the hairstyle, the color, the color of the eyes, and whether there are freckles. Even the color of the nipple and lips are optional.

People want to combine real doll sex with the most popular AI technology to create sex robots, which can not only communicate but also cultivate their own personality. Because the research and development time of sex dolls is relatively long, during the period, a sex robot app was launched. On the above, you can set the character of your favorite doll, such as: dominant, no sense of existence, shy, talkative, like to open a yellow joke, or jealous and so on. You can choose her mood, libido level, voice, accent, the appearance of various body parts, choose the underwear and clothes she wears.

The process of chatting is also the process of robot learning. As the number of communications increases, robots and people become more familiar and more aware of each other. When the user buys a robot like the real doll sex, the data in the app can be imported into the robot’s mind via Bluetooth.

The avatar on that screen will become this realistic robot. She remembers who is her master, remembering his preferences, fears, expectations, dislikes and sexual preferences. She has sensors on her body. When you say love to her, or caress her, she will start to heat up and release lubricant. Of course, she will also climax. More conveniently, if you are tired of this doll, you can directly smash her face, change a face, and then import a new character, so you have a new doll.

Just like the original doll, you can choose all the details of the real doll sex, her body, the size of each body part, hairstyle and so on. At the same time, this doll now has the character you want and can communicate with you.

“Male real doll sex will be designed in a variety of sizes and sizes. System reconstruction is required before creating a male sex doll platform. We are working hard to conduct research, which will be the next big event we expect to happen.” It’s not just a real doll sex, but a companion.

But on the whole, we have to admit that the era of real doll sex has arrived, whether it is willing or unwilling to accept it. Then the problem will come: With the perfect companion of real doll sex, would you still want to fall in love with real people?

Collect Sexy Doll As “Daughters”

What did you do in the past in the past? We may enjoy an hour of sleep in bed, or play a morning video game, or… and easily walk to the city to visit the “Sexy Doll Museum”…

Of course, this may not be possible in China, but after a year, it may become a reality in Spain… the premise is that sexy doll manufacturers really want to do something!

Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to circumvent the law prohibiting the operation of brothels by introducing realistic sexy dolls. The company described itself as “the first sexy doll organization in Europe.”

In the southwest, a man collected nine sexy dolls. He insisted that he did not care about being labeled as “perverted” because he regarded them as his acting daughter. My love for sexy dolls is like fatherly love.

This eye-catching hobby has made him a hot topic in the town, especially since he has created a social media account that shows him and his “daughters” visiting local attractions or shopping out photos and videos.

Mr. Yu’s wife divorced him more than a decade ago. So far, Mr. Yu has spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy costumes and musical instruments for sexy dolls.

In order to avoid giving the wrong impression, he said that he only used sexy dolls to take pictures, and his family had no opinion on his pastimes.

He said that he never took pictures of his doll when he was not wearing clothes, and he was not allowed to do so.

Five years ago, when he saw a sexy doll sold in Beijing, his curiosity was stirred up for the first time.

Initially, he delayed the purchase because of the price of 80,000 yuan, but a few months later, he decided to take the risk of ordering one online.

He named his first sexy doll “Little Snow”. Since then, he celebrated her birthday on the day that Xiaoxue came to his house and gave her a cake.

Since then, he has held a similar celebration for himself to buy eight sexy dolls – four of which were donated by his friends after their marriage, and their wife asked to dispose of them – but he told the portal He still likes Xiaoxue most.

Yu lives alone in a three-story house, and he says he is happy to have this company because his 19-year-old son works far away from home.

He insisted that his family had no problem with his hobbies, saying that his son regarded the sexy doll as his sister. He said that his nieces often go to his house to play with dolls, and his neighbors think he lives in his own world.

To illustrate his point of view, he told a story. Once he and his son were holding a sexy doll on the street, a man walked towards them and squeezed the chest of the sexy doll.

He said that this angered his son, who accused the man of being “impolite to my sister.”

Mr. Yu said that he had a clear conscience about his collection. Just like other people’s hobbies, such as computer games. Hobbies are equal. “Proverbs and curses cannot defeat me.”

By Designing Sex Products to Be Implicit And Decent, He Hopes to Do A Business That “Calmly Face Sexual Desire”

In March 2005, Matsumoto Koichi founded Tenga, a company specializing in the sale of male sex products. In the first year of its launch, the product sold 1.7 million in Japan. Nowadays, the men’s and women’s sex products sold by Elegant Company have accumulated more than 50 million sales in 41 countries around the world, making it one of the most recognized adult sex toy brands in Japan.

Matsumoto was born in 1967 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Before he got involved in sex toys, he had been dealing with the car for more than a decade. At the age of 20, he graduated from the Automobile Maintenance College. Matsumoto just caught up with the peak of the Japanese bubble economy and became a technician who modified luxury cars for the rich. He repaired Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Then he has turned to repair the classic car, but the good times are not long, the classic car only repaired more than half a year, the company encountered a business crisis. It was at this time that he said that he discovered a truth: “Appetite and sexual desire are the two most basic needs of mankind.”

“I went to a lot of places to find inspiration, including home appliances, daily necessities, auto parts stores, etc.” He said that until one day he stepped into an adult goods store and found that the male adult products on the shelves made him strong. Feel that “masturbation is a very embarrassing behavior.”

“I asked 10 friends around, they all had a masturbation experience. So masturbation is actually very common and ordinary. But this adult store shows sex products as a special product, giving People don’t feel very happy. In addition, there is no company name on the adult product packaging, no QR code, no contact information, which makes me very unhappy.” Matsumoto said.

It took only 15 minutes to make a decision from Lingguang to the end. Matsumoto said that what he wants to do is very simple. He wants to move this seemingly unspeakable “underground product” to the countertop, so that buying sex toys becomes like buying an iPhone, a TV, and a lipstick. Of course. Therefore, he named his sex product name “elegant” and Tenga the word “elegant” spelled in Roman in Japanese pronunciation.

The elegant first product is a one-off male aircraft cup, which is still sold today, and is the best selling product of the brand (Song Benguang said in an interview that the one-time aircraft cup in Japan is sold. It’s better, but in China it’s a repetitive version that sells better.)

The classic Tenga CUP consists of a red plastic outer shell and an inner white silicone part. Like most new inventions, this is a design that has been tried after countless passes. Matsumoto said that the biggest difficulty in product development is the “balance between appearance and functionality.”

Unlike the sex products that are characterized by realistic and simulation, Matsumoto’s erotic toy design is particularly subtle – a curved plastic cylinder with silver and red stripes on the outer shell and the words Tenga. So that people who are unfamiliar with the Tenga brand will not see what it is for. This subtlety is Matsumoto’s effort to make adult products a generous thing – whether it’s a more complex aircraft cup with later features and experience, or the female adult iroha series launched in 2011.

The 3D aircraft cups launched in 2012 are five white silicone cylinders that look like 3D printed architectural models. Its appearance looks like a variety of textures, not only does not make people think that this is a sex toy, but it looks like a sculpture. But in fact, when men turn these different textured, soft white silicone tubes from the middle holes, the inner walls of different textures can produce different touches to help the user to have a pleasant feeling.

In 2011, elegance officially entered the Chinese market. But from the beginning to the end, there has not been any publicity, but mainly in the form of wholesale to sell their products to China’s major interest sites, high-end supermarkets, pharmacies and other channels.

Matsumoto Koichi revealed in an interview that the company’s recent market research in China shows that the awareness of elegant sex products in the Chinese consumer group has reached 17%. This gave the company further confidence and expansion in the Chinese market with confidence. The company is currently preparing for the opening of physical stores in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

A Wide Variety of Sex Toys For Couples, Will You Buy One For Your Girlfriend?

A man went to the sex culture festival with his girlfriend. In the exhibition hall, simulation toys of various colors, shapes and functions are dazzling, and they are like a sea of sensuality. Unexpectedly, his girlfriend was very interested in these fake things, touched this, pinched that, an eye-opening expression. This is not finished, she even hold a more powerful massager than his size, and said “Dear, buy one for me?”

The man’s reaction is that you have already guessed it. He will scream at his girlfriend next to his fist. “Can’t I satisfy you?!”—He was very angry, he thought he “work hard” all day long, still not as good as a rubber rod with a plug battery! When he was angry, he rushed away with his incomprehensible girlfriend and vowed never to take her to the sex culture festival.

Full of grievances is the first reaction of men to female sex toys. They are happy to give women a sexual gift, but that is just a sexy underwear, aphrodisiac perfume and even a different formula of aphrodisiac, in the end is to satisfy their own physical and mental enjoyment.

They can really use the things they are doing, but they hesitate to avoid them, and they can’t wait to “destroy the dead” – but this does not prevent him from inquiring about the price of inflatable dolls. The inability to push oneself and the person is the selfish manifestation of men in the relationship between the sexes.

In the face of sex toys, some men are not as good as women. How the quality of sexual life has always been the focus of communication between girlfriends. After a girlfriend lost love, she only spent half a year. The girlfriends were worried that her personal life was too lonely, lacking sex and nourishing, and took the initiative to go to the sex shop to buy her a “small bee” that would shake.

There are also girlfriends who have been married for more than ten years, and have been fed up with the boring bed movement between husband and wife. So they signed up for the “fun class” and bought a bunch of aphrodisiac candles, sexy lingerie, essential oils, and jumping eggs… from then on.

For sex, men have a deep narcissistic complex, so sex toys designed for women challenge men’s self-esteem. Can a woman enjoy herself without him? Even the texture, shape, and vibration of sex toys can provide far more thrill than men. These have caused a strong sense of frustration in men. Men always think that they are the king of the world of the sexes. As long as they are strong enough, there will be countless women wagging for joy. But all this has been reversed. For sex, women can not need the luck of men.

Nowadays, even a man who cares about a sex toy is very disfigured by a woman. Only Zhou Guan set fire to the people not to light? Are they prohibited from using sex toys while cutting their left and right hands? Men are physically dominant when they are created by God. It is easy to get a climax. You can start work without preheating, and you can separate sex from love. Women don’t have any benefits, and the need for a bed may not be fully understood by a man for a lifetime. Moreover, sometimes they are lazy to understand.

Women’s sex toys are an upgraded version of the male function. They have been completely separated from their bodies. They want to use them without having to discuss them. Therefore, men do not have to take advantage of strange goods. Women can’t be happy, they have alternatives. Don’t even put a stinky face on the use of sex toys by women. If every man is perfect, women don’t want to put a bunch of “artificials” on the bed.

Today, sex toys, like cosmetics, are included in the women’s shopping list. If you think that the women you play with yourself are empty worms, then go and see how amazing the sales of sex toys on the shopping network are. The comments of female customers are so bright, it is much easier to master a massage stick than an eyeliner.

However, “imitation” can never replace “reality show”, so there is no need to worry about men extinct from the earth at some point in the future and women holding a bunch of “rubber sticks” to live by themselves, because it is still a man who ends up being physically and mentally attached. The well-designed sex toys are not as good as a skilled living person. Many women in the sales evaluation of sex toys said, “I bought this for the show to show him.” She pleased herself, but to please him. However, the sexual thinking of men should be changed, sex is an interactive game, not a conquest game.

In this era, most men and women have been able to treat sexuality in an open and transparent manner. A sex toy, two people play together, appreciate each other, enjoy at the same time, isn’t it better? Men can separate sex from love, and to a certain extent, women can. If she loves you, even if she is given a ghostly, decathlon sex toy, it is not as good as an arm that you are holding her to sleep. If she doesn’t love you, even if you are a super-sexual superman, she won’t be more than one point. A woman does not love a man, usually not because of sex, but because he ignores her and gives her loneliness and hurt.

Silicone doll after the use of care

Silicone doll has a scientific lower body structure, intelligent vibration frequency, negative pressure can produce regular vaginal siphon contraction, with your sexual experience, to the doll caused pressure, the greater the pressure, the inner structure of the secret place is tighter.So, how to deal with the silicone doll after use, can you often use it?

Silicone doll is a kind of artificial sex toy, instead of real people to meet the sexual needs.Can divide male and female doll, the use of silicone doll, to prevent prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation and other diseases, especially on the role of regulating sex apathy.At the same time, the physiological conditions of men and women are different, often cause male and female orgasm time is different, this time can be used as a prelude to sexual love or sexual love after one side is still unsatisfied auxiliary tools, using silicone doll can make sex life as synchronized as possible, to achieve perfect harmony;For the following people, silicone dolls can help them.

How to deal with silicone doll after use?When cleaning after use, gently wipe the doll with a dry wet towel (a small amount of shower gel or toothpaste can be used), do not soak the doll in water, keep away from tiana water, toluene and other corrosive chemicals, and keep all circuit accessories dry, so as to avoid circuit failures;Before collecting, take out the battery from the battery box and place the battery in the original position for next use.

And although the silicone doll is a silicone or other skin-friendly materials, but we still need to pay attention to the health of the use of silicone doll, every time after the use of strict disinfection, if not used for a long time, before the use of cleaning and disinfection should be strictly executed.

Can silicone doll be used often?Men can not often use silicone doll, moderate, if the excessive use of absolute harm and no benefit, serious may cause social phobia, or communication with ordinary women, and so on.Holding silicone doll all day long, doomed not to get a happy marriage.

Do you dare give her a sex toy?

A man took his girlfriend to the sex culture festival, the exhibition hall, a variety of colors, shapes, functions of the simulation of toys full of beautiful things in eyes, looking around, like a sea of desire. Unexpectedly, the girlfriend is very interested in these fake things, touch this, pinch that, a look of eye-opening. And that wasn’t all. Holding up a massage stick that was even bigger than his and saying, “honey, why don’t you get me one?”

The man’s reaction, as you’ve guessed, is to clench his fist and growl at her, “can’t I satisfy you?!”– is not hit one place, think oneself all day long hard “work”, still not as good as a plug battery of rubber rod! He drags his bewildered girlfriend away, vowing never to take her to another sex festival.

Full of grievances is the man’s first reaction to female sex toys. They are happy to give women sex gifts, but it is nothing more than sexy underwear, aphrodisiac perfume, to satisfy their own physical and mental enjoyment. They hesitate to “destroy the body” — but that doesn’t stop him from asking the price of the inflatable dolls in private, a sign of male selfishness in relationships.

Some men are less generous than women when it comes to sex toys. Sex life quality how is the communication key between boudoir honey all the time, after one cummer is loved broken half a year, boudoir honey people worry about the individual life that rises her to loneliness, lack sexual love to moist, went to sex toy store to buy a meeting to shake actively “small bee”.Still have cummer to marry 10 years, be fed up with the motion on the bed with insipid husband and wife, signed up then “interest class”, bought a pile of the aphrodisiac candle, interest underwear, essence oil…Let the atmosphere in the bedroom henceforth myriad.

Men are deeply narcissistic about sex, so sex toys designed for women challenge men’s self-esteem. Women can enjoy themselves without him? Even sex toys, with their texture, shape and vibrational function, offer far more pleasure than men? All this leaves men with a strong sense of frustration. Men have always thought that they are the king of the world of both sexes, as long as strong enough, there will be countless women wagtail sex. But all this has been reversed, for sex, women do not need men.

Things to now, even a sex toy are haggling over every ounce of men are very despised by women. Men are biologically superior from the moment God creates them. Orgasm is easy, they can start without preheating up, and they can separate sex from love. Women are not getting any benefit, and the needs of a man in bed may not be fully understood throughout his life. Besides, sometimes they don’t bother to know.

Women’s sex toys are an updated version of men’s functions, completely separated from their physical bodies, and can be used without discussion. As a result, men don’t have to be weird anymore. Women can’t have fun. They have alternatives. And don’t put on a bad face when it comes to women’s use of sex toys.

However, “imitation” can never replace “reality TV”, so there is no need to worry about some time in the future when men will disappear from the earth and women will live by themselves with a pile of “rubber sticks”, because in the end it is men who will make them attached, and no well-designed sex toy can match a skilled living person. Many women in the sex toy review said, “I bought this to show him.”She pleased herself, but more to please him. Sex is an interactive game, not a conquering one.

In this day and age, most men and women are already open and transparent about sex. A sex toy, two people play together, enjoy each other, at the same time, is it not better? Men can separate sex from love, and to some extent, women can too. If she loves you, a decathlon sex toy won’t do as much for her as a sleeping arm. If she doesn’t love you, she won’t be too attached to you, even if you’re a functional sex superman. Women do not love a man, usually not because of sex, but because he ignored her, to her lonely and hurt.

More and More People Regard Dolls As Real Life Sex Dolls

Someone recently released a photo of a group of sex dolls and their owners, which truly reflects the inner world of these doll lovers. It took a year to build trust with these doll owners, who spent a lot of money and energy on these dolls. For some people, their dolls make their only companion, they have their own special hobbies, or suffer the grief of widowhood and divorce; others naturally let these dolls into their social circle of life, I don’t care what other people think.

Here are some of the sex dolls in real life:

After having his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife divorced him and took his daughter. In the years that followed, Chris couldn’t reach them. He looked around on social networks and finally found his daughter and reunited with her. However, after the event of his ex-wife, he can no longer build relationships with women. The injured Chris now has two doll companions, which are worth a thousand pounds, and the price of high-end custom products is as high as £33,000. In order to buy doll Jessica, Phil specifically quit smoking for a year. He said that he knows that Jessica is just a toy, and that his family and friends know her existence, but he does not care what others think.

In order to avoid negative comments, the man named Baron von Doll chose to take a photo with his doll Tania. Like many fans, Baron von Doll collects his dolls privately and doesn’t let others know.

The man named Shadowman has a girlfriend and two adult daughters in his life, but he is still obsessed with living with dolls. In addition to Carly, he also has four dolls. His family and friends know the existence of these dolls.

Carl has been divorcing his wife for 20 years, and he has tried dating others since then, but after eight years of hard work, he has not met the right person. So he bought Alektra as his companion, Carl said that the doll is always unable to replace the real person, he still hopes to meet the right object.

Deerman’s wife died of cancer, and he later dated with some women, but found that his favorite women did not like him, so a few years later, he customized a doll companion Erica according to the appearance of his ex-wife, Deerman’s daughter also knows Erica The presence.

Not only men will buy a doll companion. As a woman, Angela bought her partner Anna in 2014. Anna is a custom doll with two replaceable faces.

The man named Nescio 50 and his doll companion Lily, he chose not to appear, because his lifestyle has put him under great pressure. He said that the mother wants him to choose a real girlfriend. He has never talked to a girl about love, he thinks that the doll partner makes him very happy.

These valuable dolls have very fragile skin and often have bruises. The doll owners often send them back to the factory for repairs.

9 major precautions you must know before buying a sex doll

In this society, not everyone has their sexual partner, so many people will choose to use some sex tools, watching the sex cartoon using their DIY sex doll with perfume, let’s talk about what to pay attention to when buying sex doll.

1. Check the certification to avoid fake goods

Like every industry, the sex toy industry has its fair share of dodgy, knockoff versions of popular products, produced cheaply and made as much money as possible. You can avoid fakes by checking for certifications or buying from reputable vendors. And notice if the box says, “for novelty only,” which says, “we do not guarantee the safety of this product.”

2. Never pay attention

You must not compromise on intimacy, taste or health. Don’t buy cheap sex toys just because it looks like an affordable version of a more trusted brand. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Keep toys clean

Love your sex products and they love you more. If you treat it well, it will treat you well. Wash before use, store carefully, check for damage and use antibacterial wipes.

4. Sharing is caring, but pay attention

If you’re sharing a sex doll at a critical moment, it’s best to put a condom on it and replace it every time. This is a good consciousness.

5. Avoid pectin

When watching sex videos using sex dolls, a little knowledge can help a lot. Jelly glue, for example, is a material used in many products, treated with any amount of plastic softeners, or phthalates. Phthalates are harmful and have potentially carcinogenic effects. This information can help you make the right purchase choices and stay safe.

6. Choose silicone

Silica gel is a good material, and its antibacterial effect is widely used by many big brands in the sex toy industry. And use smooth, comfortable, easy to clean. The use of silica gel usually indicates that the manufacturer is working correctly before making the selection. But avoid sticky silica gel, which traps dust easily.

7. Pay attention to glass and metal

Although glass and metal are easy to clean, make sure they are of high quality and very smooth, avoiding any metal that can cause allergic reactions.

8. Read purchase reviews

Go online and find out what others say about sex toys you’re interested in. There’s a large online community of trusted sex toy bloggers and reviewers who can tell you everything you need.

9. Test your taste with your nose

Don’t forget the spice. If you’re browsing the product at your local store, try holding it gently to your nose like an expert, like a connoisseur of sexual perfume. If the vibrations are strong enough to make you sneeze, you’ll be happy when you use it.

Adult Sex Toys-New Sex Toy for Ultimate Polarity Experience

It is not the consumers that restrict the adult sex toys market, but the manufacturers of adult sex toys. Why can the adult sex toys market in the US be bigger, but not in the country? Consumption power and cultural differences between the East and the West are one reason. Say a word to adult sex toys manufacturers: Only increase investment in R&D, improve technology content, improve production processes, strengthen patent protection, and put new and continuous products on the market. The only way to be strong is to be able to take the lead and grasp the initiative.

The adult sex toys market is still in its infancy, and toys are basically based on the ancient nine-ring and tangram. There are still no new products in the market, the development concept is backward, the design creativity is lacking, and the manufacturing process is rough. It is the bottleneck for the development of adult toys. For Zhoushan, this market may be in a situation where there is demand, no supply, or insufficient supply. And this may be a business opportunity.

Now, some companies are developing a new type of adult sex toys that uses virtual reality to give men a final experience. This new type of adult sex toys, called eJaculator, was jointly developed by China and the United States. It is a product that uses virtual reality technology to provide men around the world with fresh awareness of adult toys, pornography and sexual stimulation. The product consists of an APP, a virtual reality headset, a wireless remote control for operation, and a silicone sleeve (with battery) for insertion.

This adult sex toys app is very active, users are steadily increasing, it is also a platform to upload porn videos for free. The developer now has two video content providers, and is also working with two POV content producers to discuss cooperation. They hope to have 1,000 videos available by the end of 2016. This app will allow users to search and select their favorite videos, as well as specific modes, categories or imaginary and update notifications. In addition, this app also has an endurance enhancement program and three levels of silicone: entry, raw and expert. Researchers are still working hard to create a part that provides gay content.

The silicone sleeve will come in two sizes, standard and large. Its function is simply to vibrate when the user watches the video. This device is equipped with a detachable rechargeable battery that can be connected to any of the V5 USB jacks for charging.

The researchers also said that they added a leg base and a desk base for the device, which is more ideal for use. The injection muscle will be released in 2016 and will create a complete virtual reality virtual reality movement. This equipment is noisy, easy to clean and hands free.

Beta users say that the muscles are almost like “the real person is there.” In addition, it also brings different levels of pleasure to men, which will improve men’s perception of sexual well-being.

Next, the R&D company plans to start developing toys that enhance women’s sexual well-being. Their goal is to combine virtual reality technology with the adult industry to truly achieve physiologically pleasing needs at the technical level.