Realistic Touch And Attractive Posture, Enter Into The Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Studio

Since 1977, Orient has been producing a series of sex doll models, and now the latest generation of Real Love Doll is coming soon. On the wall or on the soft silicone sex doll, which one make you happier?

Real Love Doll’s latest Ange, made from special silicone material, uses the new Titan Frame2 as an internal bone for articulation and fixation, while the exterior is seamless, making it a truly seamless connection. The Ange doll is 157 centimeters tall and weighs 25 kilograms, which is 10 kilograms lighter than the full silicone sex doll in 2001.

At the silicone sex doll factory, buyers can customize the height, skin color, chest size, eye color and hair color of each sex doll.

The most popular silicone sex dolls have white skin and large chests, ranging from 158cm to 170cm. Sculptors, engineers, and make-up artists strive for excellence in every step of the production process.

The current price of Ange dolls is between 500,000 and 700,000 Japanese Yuan, but despite the high price, there are still many people coming to buy them. It is their only purpose to get comfort from them. Of course, the specific way is not enough for others. Only when you buy one yourself can you slowly feel the fun.

The silicone sex doll industry is about to usher in its glory moment in its unique way. Due to the magic of artificial intelligence, the perfect robot wife in science fiction will soon become a reality.

Men will be able to create their perfect silicone wife, be versatile, and understand their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. Silicone wife will never have a headache, she will always be ready to meet your needs, when you are in a bad mood, she can talk to you like a real person.

Orient industry is a company with 33 years of experience in producing high-end sex dolls. It ranks first in Japan. The dolls produced are not only realistic, but also articulate, and emphasize the different characters of the doll. The company produces more than 1,000 silicone sex dolls each year.

According to industry insiders, the Japanese market sells about 2,000 silicone sex dolls every year for about $6,000. These sex dolls have flexible fingers, detachable heads and realistic shapes.

Once a sex robot becomes a reality, people will see other people talking to these robots and going out to play together, then people will begin to accept these simulated relationships.

Now, it has entered the realm of science fiction. People are still imagining what the future will look like, and they will imagine other people’s perceptions of having a robot doll. Therefore, before something like this becomes more mainstream, people need to overcome a bigger psychological problem.

Some people are ready, willing and able to accept a $15,000 “sex robot” from RealDoll. This may soon become mainstream, and before we realize it, silicone sex dolls will become part of our lives.

Why Do Japanese Men Like to Buy Sex dolls As A Wife? Stories about Japanese Men And Their Dolls

I believe no one hasn’t ever seen Japanese anime, Japan’s animation industry is very famous, but at the same time, Japanese otaku house girls are definitely the most in the world.

And there is another trend now, more and more Japanese men like to live with dolls. Most of these people are uncles, and they are very old. They may have had a bad marriage before, and then they chose to live with their dolls.

In Japan, about 2,000 silicone sex dolls are sold every year, and the price is $6,000. They are very similar to people, and the skin feels very realistic.

They will treat the doll as their wife and lover, bathe with the doll, travel, watch movies and TV, etc., and will also dress up the doll every day, taking care of the meticulous.

Even if the wife and children at home don’t support them to raise the dolls, they like the dolles very much, even if they break the house and don’t separate from the doll.

Some people say that love is one of the most unreliable feelings in the world, and a small twist can make the seemingly indestructible feeling fall apart. But true love also exists. A Japanese man customized an sex doll online. Every day, the man will help the doll to makeup.

The man is 67 years old, his wife died of illness last year, and the man has not come out of this nightmare for a long time. The people who have been with them for so many years have suddenly disappeared, which makes men grieve.

Later, under the reminder of others, he decided to customize an inflatable doll online. Although the doll can’t talk, there is such a doll at home, just like the wife who died is accompanied by himself.

He sent his wife’s photo when she was young to the merchant, and listed a series of requirements for the merchant, only hope that the merchant can make a doll that is almost the same as his wife.

The doll made by the merchant makes the man more satisfied. He said that the face of the doll is indeed eighty-nine points when he is younger than his wife.

With the companionship of this doll, the man gradually came out of the haze that his wife left. Every day, he carefully dressed the doll, and he will give it a dress in the cold, and he will not forget to reduce its clothes in hot weather, he completely regarded this doll as his wife.

Does such deep feelings touch you?

Futurists Predict That Robot Sex Dolls Will Become The Protagonists In The Next 30 Years

According to the British Daily Mail, robots can perform a variety of tasks, such as acting as bodyguards, office supervisors, etc., but robots will soon be integrated into the sex industry. Currently, a futurist predicts that women and men will begin to choose robotic partners in the next 10 years, and gradually become colder with human partners.

The futurist Dr. Ian Pearson has written a report on future sex life research. He believes that human choice of robotic partners will be very popular in the future, and it is expected that 2050 will eventually replace human sexuality. At the same time, the main consumer groups in the current doll market are men, and the emergence of future sex robots will also lead to a large number of female consumer groups.

An adult online store called Bonda pointed out that in 2030 many people will use virtual reality helmets to complete their sexual behavior. By then, many sex doll companies will develop new devices that combine smartphones with the Internet. Dr. Pearson said that in the future many sex dolls will connect directly to the human nervous system or enter human dreams.

Although some people will buy robot sex dolls to meet their sexual needs, most people buy robots to do housework. If a family buys a robot in the future, like buying a car, they will not choose an ugly robot, but prefer a more attractive robot.

With the establishment of a close relationship between home robots and humans in the future, there will inevitably be a sex robot that meets human needs. Recently, Pearson at the seminar held at the Eindhoven School of Design in the Netherlands pointed out that people can use the latest technology to “hack” their appearance.

For example, new polymeric materials can be used to improve nipple touch, and hair extensions can be combined with ultra-fine fibers. In addition, sex dolls and APP software, humans can directly connect with the nervous system, connect dreams, and even share the sex experience. This means that future human sexual life will be easier, safer and more frequent, and more interesting.

At the same time, the report pointed out that people wearing virtual reality glasses can achieve “authentic sex”, they will see different sexual partners, such as: seeing stars, or changing their appearance or clothing, adding more attractive. Through the use of virtual reality technology, the future of humans will directly stimulate the brain compartment, touch the button to establish orgasm, share sexual experience, have different sexual partners.

Pearson predicts that future sex robots will replace stripper nightclubs and brothel sex workers. In the next 10 years, some wealthy families will have their own “sex robots.”

CamSoda Website Provides “Virtual Communication With Real People” With Sex Dolls And Virtual Reality

Both sexes and high technology are a strange combination. The latest combination of the two comes from the adult live broadcast site CamSoda. From today, they use the virtual reality (VR) device and the connected sex toys to provide the so-called “virtual communication with real people”, referred to as VIRP (Virtual Intercourse with Real People).

The actors on the CamSoda website use a Wi-Fi vibrator to connect to the “male masturbation device” owned by the paying viewer. Everything that the vibrator feels will be sent to the masturbation device as “stress data”, mimicking the feeling of gender communication. This technology, known as Teledildonics, is mature and not a new product from CamSoda.

But the company has also added new options to put these masturbators in life-size sex dolls, immersing users in the virtual world built by VR devices. According to a press statement, CamSoda Vice President Daryn Parker said that the combination of all these elements can bring “the ultimate sensory experience, mimicking the interaction in real life.”

But considering that CamSoda has partnered with sex toy maker RealDoll to sell its doll products for thousands of dollars, it is still doubtful how many people will try the full VIRP experience at first. Users also need to spend $99 to buy the only male masturbation device that supports this feature, as well as a set of VR devices, but cheap devices like Google Cardboard can do the job.

Parker told the media via email that sex dolls and VR devices are not required, and only about 30% of the company’s more than 300 network anchors have the required Wi-Fi vibrators. However, he said, CamSoda users definitely want to try this (fresh) experience, just buy a cheap male masturbation device.

 “We know there will be audiences, because we get feedback from both the audience and the anchor, they are looking for a more intimate and more physical interaction.” Parker also said, “There are many company employees, test users and anchors. I tried this experience, and all of them were convinced by this interactive function.”

Judging by some of the news photos provided by CamSoda, this experience may not be as natural as Parker described. But it also depends on the user’s level of interest in the comfort and experience of the item. CamSoda said they are also developing a version for female users.

As for this technology, from the perspective of most people, whether it will be strange and more exhaustive, Parker is optimistic about the future. “Fiveteen years ago, people generally thought that mobile phones were very strange and unnecessary.

What is it today? Although people may hesitate at first, I hope people will acquiesce in this technology and realize its essence – a Excellent and able to satisfy people’s deepest desires.” VR gender communication with remote control of inflatable dolls may be as popular as smartphones in the future, everywhere. No one can say this.

If The Sex Robot Is Not In The Mood, She Can Refuse To Have Sex

The famous sex robot Samantha, created by Dr. Sergi Santos, has recently undergone a major upgrade. Now, if she is not in the mood or feels unrespected, she can refuse the sexual behavior of her human partner.

At the Life Science Center in Newcastle, England, Samantha presented the latest upgrade to a group of “sex experts”.

For various reasons, such as an overly aggressive partner, this upgrade allows Samantha to enter a “virtual mode”, an unresponsive state. If she is tired of her partner’s sexuality, she can also enter this mode.

Samantha intends to be a companion in reality. She has motorized hands, buttocks and a motorized face, and if she is properly stimulated, she can talk sweetly in her partner’s ear. In addition to the “sex” mode, she also has “family” and “romantic” modes as well as “super naughty” settings.

This new “virtual model” may provide an opportunity for male users to learn how to seek consent and respect for their partner, but there is still a clear difference between Samantha and real-life women: although she does not In the mood, she can choose to refuse, but she does not have the ability to resist her partner, and it will not affect those who ignore her resistance.

In fact, realistic sex robots or sex dolls may increase the problems that have been embarrassing in modern dating cultures. Although some people think that having sex with synthetic alternatives can reduce the number of victims of persuasion by masculinity, however, this appearance is like a female sexual object and the boundary between women being treated as sexual objects, men will still pass, and this There are great practical possibilities.

According to a Forktip study, 71% of men and 50% of women are willing to use robots instead of their partners. Dr. Santos himself claimed that Samantha saved his 16-year marriage because when his wife had no sex, Samantha offered an opportunity for him to satisfy his sexual desire.

However, the actual impact of realistic sex dolls has not been confirmed, but the actual impact is coming. Currently, Samantha is about to open to the market and sells for about $4,700, the actual release date is not yet clear.

The Vivid And Dramatic Sex Life

Human sexual awakening has extremely delicate procedures and procedures, and sound is one of the important media – some sounds can also become indirect stimuli of sexual awakening.

From a physiological point of view, the man’s thick and thick, sturdy and sturdy voices and women’s clear, delicate, soft and rounded voices contain affinity for the opposite sex. In real life, we are stunned by the love of men and women who fall in love with each other. As long as they hear the voice of their lover, they will be cheeky, heartbeat, panic, and imaginary. So those

The long-lasting love story is always an important part of love. Therefore, those who know the language art, are good at maintaining the proper, graceful and sensed sense of language in all occasions, and are good at using the power of humor and the charm of the voice, have the most profound and lasting impression in the mind of the opposite sex, that is, he or she is the easiest. Awaken the other person’s awakening to his or her sexuality.

Rousseau once described the charm of his first lover, Mrs. Warren, in The Confessions. Her voice is soft, the tone is intimate, full of maternal love, making Rousseau feel calm and peaceful. Rousseau, who turned 16 years old, has since fallen into the love of unrequited love. Until the later years, Rousseau often remembered it, like yesterday.

Of course, the sweet words of pleasing and ecstasy are not only the act of men and women in love, but also the catalyst for sexual life after marriage. We already know that the language that is affectionate is the switch of sex. In the process of making love, both men and women can also exchange sexual feelings with each other. “How do you feel, dear?” This question will be answered in many languages: physical, eye, dialogue, suggestive, etc. If you can understand, it will make your sex life more happy and complete.

The free and frank expression of sexual desire is not only for stimulating awakening, but also a manifestation of sexual maturity. In order for both parties to be satisfied with sex, such exchanges are indispensable. But unfortunately, many couples lack this kind of communication. They avoid the topic of sexual desire and are even more willing to communicate and discuss their feelings about sex life.

In fact, for a wife with a healthy life attitude, when Mr. talks about her sex to her, she does not care about the words he uses. She only knows that he is expressing her desires, she will also have the same freedom. Express her sexy in a candid way. The exchange of feelings about sexual life between the two sides can enhance their mutual sexual awakening.

The melody of music is a stimulant that many people will hear, evoking some kind of awakening, and sex music sounds a sexual excitement between couples. Pay attention to observe that in daily life, those men and women who are caught in love, even if they are not good at singing, even if they are not full of five sounds, they can’t help but sing popular love songs, at least they are willing to listen to music. Therefore, the role of music as a stimulant of sex has been widely recognized by the society. In fact, music has the charm of appeasement, but it does not drive people to reach sexual frenzy. The melody of love songs can inspire the love of people and promote their love to each other.

Most couples have memories of warm romantic music during courtship, and those melodies are indelibly hidden in their hearts. The melody of these warm romantic music is the color line of weaving romantic romantic brocade. However, why do many couples feel boring and passionate after staying in the “Castle” for two or three years? One of the reasons is that they will be smashed by the passionate music of each other. In other words, the love songs are deep, intense, and mellow, but they are a vague memory during courtship.

In the marriage life, to maintain the enthusiasm of the couple’s sexual passion is always unbeaten, only let our love consciousness often in the stimulating atmosphere. The “background music” we often talk about is a good way to awaken couples’ sexual awakening. This “background music” consisting of the beautiful mood of music, the melody of the melody, the ups and downs of the rhythm, or the emotions associated with the music, especially the music shared by the couple, once re-introduced into the couple’s ears, it immediately evokes the couple’s sexual enthusiasm and makes them full of enthusiasm.

 In the living room, only the couple danced with the music of the record or tape. In the tree-lined path, the couple took their hands and took the Walkman, listening to the tenderness of the water, the dreamy song, in the KTV box, two People are cuddling and immersed in romantic and beautiful music…this is much more romantic than the music that was heard during the first courtship of any couple.

Keeping the charm of language, creating the wonderful artistic conception of music, letting the hearing always be “early and savvy”, our sexual consciousness will always remain sensitive, warm and vigorous, and the sound of the fleeting sound will surely Arouse the awakening of sex, how can couples and couples be unhappy and sweet?

How Important Is Sex Life to Men And Women in Marriage? Here Are The Views of Married Ladies!

In marriage, the same sex life can not only enhance each other’s feelings, but also the best shortcut for the two to quarrel and be as good as ever. There is a saying that “the husband and wife are quarreling at the bed and bed”, which is enough to show that sex life is Men and women in marriage play a vital role.

In the current phenomenon of divorce, more and more small couples are divorced because of disharmonious sex life. Of course, there are also some couples who choose to do one because they For a nameless marriage, in fact, such a marriage has long been like a pool of water, because sex life is fresh and live water.

First, the benefits to each other’s body

Some scientific studies have shown that sexual life can also treat insomnia and dreams, so that women’s moods are more pleasant, while women who have long-term harmonious sexual life have smooth and delicate skin, and the color is as rosy as a blooming rose, which is not very harmonious than those of sexual life. The woman looks younger and more full of charm. And a good sex life will make men more energetic, but also make men’s temper more gentle.

Second, resist the other woman

If the husband and wife’s sex life is not so harmonious, the most prone problem is the other woman. This is also the chief culprit in destroying the family. If the husband and wife are glued like paint, the feelings are solid, the other woman, the another woman, it is impossible to invade, because sex life is the best sword to resist them.

Third, the strongest emotional cohesion

Two strange men and women have become a family, if there is no sex, then there must be no love. Sex life is the red line that draws the deep feelings of two people. It is also the strongest cohesive force. The two people’s body and mind are together. Naturally, this family will be filled with warmth and love. No matter what you do, couples are united and strength is made one by one, and the cause is easier to succeed.

So don’t underestimate the sex life, only a good sex life can make a family more perfect. The relationship between husband and wife is harmonious. For children, it is also the best example of feelings. If the parents’ feelings are confused, for the children, later Growing up will be very confusing. After all, it is not easy to form a family.

If the two sides are not particularly satisfied with each other’s sex ability, they must communicate and communicate more, instead of choosing to sleep in separate rooms, because that will only make two people’ heart getting farther and farther, the feelings will be as cold as water, and it will be a fatal fight for your marriage.

Researchers Have Discovered New Causes of Female Sex Life Unharmonious

According to a paper published by British scientists in the North American Menopause Association (NAMS) journal Menopause, in addition to biological reasons, there are also social and psychological factors in women’s decline in sexual life as they age.

In today’s society, the number of women with normal sex life decreases with age, and the number of women who enjoy sex life after menopause is even lower. However, little is known about the effects of various social and psychological changes that are common after menopause, including concerns about body image, self-confidence and perceived desires, stress, and emotional changes.

To this end, the researchers used a free-text data analysis of the British Ovarian Cancer Screening Cooperative Trial (UKCTOCS) involving nearly 4,500 postmenopausal women to better understand the various factors that reduce women’s sex life.

According to UKCTOCS’s sexual activity data, about half of the women are sexually active during the baseline period prior to the start of screening each year. But over time, all aspects of sexual activity have decreased: the frequency of sexual activity is low, and disharmony. The main reason for the lack of sexual behavior is the lack of sexual partners caused by widowhood.

Other common reasons for reduced sex life include the health of the partner, the sexual dysfunction of the partner, the physical health problems of the woman itself, and the symptoms and prescription drugs associated with menopause.

The most common cause of low libido is the relationship between husband and wife and the perception of aging. Only 3% of the subjects described positive sexual experiences, while only 6% of the subjects sought medical help for sexual problems.

“As time goes on, sexual health challenges are common in women’s sexual behavior and satisfaction, and partner factors play an important role in women’s sexual behavior and satisfaction, these include lack of partner, sexual dysfunction of the partner, poor health of the partner, and intimacy. ” the researchers said.

“In addition, menopausal-related problems such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse have been identified as affecting sexual function, but despite effective treatments, few women seek treatment.”

Seven actions before love can improve the quality of sex life

Foreplay is an important part of sex, but it is often said that “there is nothing to do in the foreplay”. Recently, many foreign sexologists have pointed out that some small skills before sex are essential for improving the quality of sexual life and bringing the relationship closer together. Before sex, the following methods can be used to improve the quality of sex.

Enjoy a photo of two people. Dr. Ian Kna, a US sex and husband relationship therapist, said that if there were photos of couples in the room. Take some time before sex and enjoy these photos full of happy memories. This method of “recognizing the relationship between husband and wife” can make the couple’s sexual life become a “celebration behavior”, which helps to enhance the mutual affection of the couple, appreciate each other and strengthen the marriage relationship.
Share sex fantasy. Sharing sexual fantasies, sexual desires (expectations) or sexual feelings can help strengthen the communication and understanding of couples and improve the sex life of couples. Dr. Kna said that in most cases, couple sex often “goes straight to the subject”. Sharing sexual fantasies can often open up a whole new dimension of couples’ hearts and minds and increase intimacy. Imagining a partner as part of sexual fantasies and entering an idealized role each other can increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of both spouses. Self-esteem and self-esteem are directly related to the existence of sexy, which is beneficial to enhance mutual understanding between husband and wife and improve the quality of life of couples.

Strive to extend the foreplay. Couples’ sexual life should not be too hasty, or they may not be able to reach speed. Dr. Kna said that don’t worry about slowing down before sex, it is best to spend more time stroking, massaging, kissing, and exploring each other’s body. Sexual arousal is quite fast. Therefore, extending the foreplay for 20 minutes or even half an hour can make sex come to life, let “making love” fall into practice, and sex will be more passionate.
Hug each other. Dr. Kna said that husband and wife are dependent on each other and enthusiastic, not a “patent” after sex. The study found that pre-sexual hugs have both long-term health benefits and beneficial relationships. The key reason is that embracing the “love hormone” oxytocin that promotes the release of the brain will make couples feel more intimate.

Can smoking cessation really improve the quality of sexual life? There are experiments with the truth!

Now smoking has become the norm in this society, but as people pay attention to health and health during this time, many people have decided to quit smoking, and everyone is also studying some changes and benefits after quitting smoking. Recently, there have been many People have found that men who succeed in quitting smoking have better sex life than those who have failed to quit smoking. Is this a coincidence or is it really the charm of quitting smoking?

One expert has studied this problem, but it has not yet been determined that this phenomenon is what every male has. He just said that the fact that smoking cessation can improve the quality of sexual life does occur in many people’s lives. Moreover, under his research, most people did improve their sexual life after the success of smoking cessation, but a small number of people did not have much improvement.
In his experiment, a total of 65 men were selected. At the beginning, the experimenting experts asked them to quit smoking within eight weeks by sticking a nicotine patch. This is a very effective way to quit smoking. However, it is not recommended for everyone to choose, because this quick-acting practice is likely to have an impact on the body, and this behavior is not really completed smoking cessation, but only temporarily achieved the result of smoking cessation.

After quitting smoking, the experts gave the 65 experimenters a sexual plot of the movie, during which the expert assistants were responsible for observing and recording their reactions. In addition to this kind of physiological response that can be seen immediately, they also understand their attitudes and concerns about sexual life in real life, because this external feeling will also have an impact on their reaction.
At the end of the experiment, the experts arranged for 20 men to insist on not smoking for a week, and the rest began to smoke again. When they tried again a week later, they found that men who quit smoking reacted quite a lot when watching sexual movies. And this high-quality sexual life response is significantly stronger than those who continue to smoke later.
However, because this experiment chooses too few references and is not representative, it cannot be accepted as a law, but smoking does bring a lot of trouble to life. This is unquestionable. Many people who smoke often do not show up in a state of non-smoking. In this case, the quality of sex life is also reasonable.

There are many examples that show that smoking cessation does improve the quality of sexual life, and studies have shown that men’s sperm activity is higher after smoking cessation, so if you are troubled by sex and want to be improved, hurry. Quit smoking.