More and More People Regard Dolls As Real Life Sex Dolls

Someone recently released a photo of a group of sex dolls and their owners, which truly reflects the inner world of these doll lovers. It took a year to build trust with these doll owners, who spent a lot of money and energy on these dolls. For some people, their dolls make their only companion, they have their own special hobbies, or suffer the grief of widowhood and divorce; others naturally let these dolls into their social circle of life, I don’t care what other people think.

Here are some of the sex dolls in real life:

After having his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife divorced him and took his daughter. In the years that followed, Chris couldn’t reach them. He looked around on social networks and finally found his daughter and reunited with her. However, after the event of his ex-wife, he can no longer build relationships with women. The injured Chris now has two doll companions, which are worth a thousand pounds, and the price of high-end custom products is as high as £33,000. In order to buy doll Jessica, Phil specifically quit smoking for a year. He said that he knows that Jessica is just a toy, and that his family and friends know her existence, but he does not care what others think.

In order to avoid negative comments, the man named Baron von Doll chose to take a photo with his doll Tania. Like many fans, Baron von Doll collects his dolls privately and doesn’t let others know.

The man named Shadowman has a girlfriend and two adult daughters in his life, but he is still obsessed with living with dolls. In addition to Carly, he also has four dolls. His family and friends know the existence of these dolls.

Carl has been divorcing his wife for 20 years, and he has tried dating others since then, but after eight years of hard work, he has not met the right person. So he bought Alektra as his companion, Carl said that the doll is always unable to replace the real person, he still hopes to meet the right object.

Deerman’s wife died of cancer, and he later dated with some women, but found that his favorite women did not like him, so a few years later, he customized a doll companion Erica according to the appearance of his ex-wife, Deerman’s daughter also knows Erica The presence.

Not only men will buy a doll companion. As a woman, Angela bought her partner Anna in 2014. Anna is a custom doll with two replaceable faces.

The man named Nescio 50 and his doll companion Lily, he chose not to appear, because his lifestyle has put him under great pressure. He said that the mother wants him to choose a real girlfriend. He has never talked to a girl about love, he thinks that the doll partner makes him very happy.

These valuable dolls have very fragile skin and often have bruises. The doll owners often send them back to the factory for repairs.

9 major precautions you must know before buying a sex doll

In this society, not everyone has their sexual partner, so many people will choose to use some sex tools, watching the sex cartoon using their DIY sex doll with perfume, let’s talk about what to pay attention to when buying sex doll.

1. Check the certification to avoid fake goods

Like every industry, the sex toy industry has its fair share of dodgy, knockoff versions of popular products, produced cheaply and made as much money as possible. You can avoid fakes by checking for certifications or buying from reputable vendors. And notice if the box says, “for novelty only,” which says, “we do not guarantee the safety of this product.”

2. Never pay attention

You must not compromise on intimacy, taste or health. Don’t buy cheap sex toys just because it looks like an affordable version of a more trusted brand. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Keep toys clean

Love your sex products and they love you more. If you treat it well, it will treat you well. Wash before use, store carefully, check for damage and use antibacterial wipes.

4. Sharing is caring, but pay attention

If you’re sharing a sex doll at a critical moment, it’s best to put a condom on it and replace it every time. This is a good consciousness.

5. Avoid pectin

When watching sex videos using sex dolls, a little knowledge can help a lot. Jelly glue, for example, is a material used in many products, treated with any amount of plastic softeners, or phthalates. Phthalates are harmful and have potentially carcinogenic effects. This information can help you make the right purchase choices and stay safe.

6. Choose silicone

Silica gel is a good material, and its antibacterial effect is widely used by many big brands in the sex toy industry. And use smooth, comfortable, easy to clean. The use of silica gel usually indicates that the manufacturer is working correctly before making the selection. But avoid sticky silica gel, which traps dust easily.

7. Pay attention to glass and metal

Although glass and metal are easy to clean, make sure they are of high quality and very smooth, avoiding any metal that can cause allergic reactions.

8. Read purchase reviews

Go online and find out what others say about sex toys you’re interested in. There’s a large online community of trusted sex toy bloggers and reviewers who can tell you everything you need.

9. Test your taste with your nose

Don’t forget the spice. If you’re browsing the product at your local store, try holding it gently to your nose like an expert, like a connoisseur of sexual perfume. If the vibrations are strong enough to make you sneeze, you’ll be happy when you use it.

Adult Sex Toys-New Sex Toy for Ultimate Polarity Experience

It is not the consumers that restrict the adult sex toys market, but the manufacturers of adult sex toys. Why can the adult sex toys market in the US be bigger, but not in the country? Consumption power and cultural differences between the East and the West are one reason. Say a word to adult sex toys manufacturers: Only increase investment in R&D, improve technology content, improve production processes, strengthen patent protection, and put new and continuous products on the market. The only way to be strong is to be able to take the lead and grasp the initiative.

The adult sex toys market is still in its infancy, and toys are basically based on the ancient nine-ring and tangram. There are still no new products in the market, the development concept is backward, the design creativity is lacking, and the manufacturing process is rough. It is the bottleneck for the development of adult toys. For Zhoushan, this market may be in a situation where there is demand, no supply, or insufficient supply. And this may be a business opportunity.

Now, some companies are developing a new type of adult sex toys that uses virtual reality to give men a final experience. This new type of adult sex toys, called eJaculator, was jointly developed by China and the United States. It is a product that uses virtual reality technology to provide men around the world with fresh awareness of adult toys, pornography and sexual stimulation. The product consists of an APP, a virtual reality headset, a wireless remote control for operation, and a silicone sleeve (with battery) for insertion.

This adult sex toys app is very active, users are steadily increasing, it is also a platform to upload porn videos for free. The developer now has two video content providers, and is also working with two POV content producers to discuss cooperation. They hope to have 1,000 videos available by the end of 2016. This app will allow users to search and select their favorite videos, as well as specific modes, categories or imaginary and update notifications. In addition, this app also has an endurance enhancement program and three levels of silicone: entry, raw and expert. Researchers are still working hard to create a part that provides gay content.

The silicone sleeve will come in two sizes, standard and large. Its function is simply to vibrate when the user watches the video. This device is equipped with a detachable rechargeable battery that can be connected to any of the V5 USB jacks for charging.

The researchers also said that they added a leg base and a desk base for the device, which is more ideal for use. The injection muscle will be released in 2016 and will create a complete virtual reality virtual reality movement. This equipment is noisy, easy to clean and hands free.

Beta users say that the muscles are almost like “the real person is there.” In addition, it also brings different levels of pleasure to men, which will improve men’s perception of sexual well-being.

Next, the R&D company plans to start developing toys that enhance women’s sexual well-being. Their goal is to combine virtual reality technology with the adult industry to truly achieve physiologically pleasing needs at the technical level.

Adult sex toys:Sexual helper for sex life

You know, it’s not enough to rely on your hard-working hands when you need someone to share your sex life with — although that can create some “happiness,” it’s all about you. You need some help with sex toys, which have a wrapped and simulated feel that your own hands can’t replicate.

Study the sensitive zone

What is less well known is that men have a far greater concentration of sexually sensitive areas than women, almost all of them on the penis, including: the neck of the penis, known as the coronary groove;The penile lacuna, which is located just below the head of the penis;The skin of the penis, especially along the urethra. The best, and most traditional, way to concentrate on stimulating them is to let the penis in. Whether it’s a masturbation cup or a silicone channel shaped like a mouth, vagina, anus, or even afoot, you need to meet this need.

In order to stimulate the penis, the silicone vagina is not flat. Some have internal whorls, some have complex shapes with different twists and turns in each section, and some even mimic female vaginal structures and make similar shapes. There are other ways to get pleasure without using human thrusts. When the switch is turned on, the inner beads move up and down, rubbing against you instead of you rubbing against it. Because the underside of the glans is so sensitive, some products have a vibrator on top. In some products that mimic the mouth, vibrators are placed on the side to mimic the “tongue” licking action.

The silicone used to make the products is usually softer than that used for female sex toys, and online stores that sell the products often post pictures of them pinching and pinching hard to show softness. There are many blood vessels on the penis stem, and the skin is thin.

The female vagina is not usually a cylindrical cavity, more like a flat tube that squeezes the penis when a man inserts it. The pressure of sucking during oral sex is also intoxicating. So some male sex toys have an air pump inside them, and when the button is pressed, the pump pulls the air out of the tube, making it feel like the vagina is tightening and the mouth is sucking.

But the penis isn’t the only “top erogenous zone.”In the Middle East, men masturbate with a thin copper rod with a small ball at the top, inserted from the urethral opening into the prostate gland. After masturbation, the pleasure is too intense to imagine (dangerous, do not imitate). The source of this super pleasure is the prostate gland, known as the male g-spot.

To come in contact with this walnut-sized gland just below the bladder, the other channel is the anus. In general, the prostate gland is about 4 centimeters from the anus, in front of the rectum wall. Emergency room doctors have pulled tiny shampoo bottles, light bulbs, and even guinea pigs out of patients’ anuses to see it. Because when the anal sphincter is tense, it contracts uncontrollably, possibly sucking the contents into the rectum. If so, you might as well buy a male g-spot stimulator.

The g-spot stimulator is usually a “U” type, or inverted “T” type, with one segment inserted into the anus and the other remaining outside the body, making it impossible to inhale. The vibrator is usually placed at the outside end of the body, which is usually placed in the perineum, the small area between the scrotum and the anus. Perineum is also a place of nerve density, a “secondary sensitive area,” and it’s just below the prostate gland, which can be stimulated by squeezing it. Of course, male anus and women are the same, expansionary is not strong, most people use this kind of toys are not suitable, really want to play, the strategy is the smaller the better, the more lubricant the better.

Quest Silicone Sex Doll- Sex and Accompany

The weight of the silicone sex doll is 22 to 27.5 kilograms and the height is 144 to 163. The state of the silicone sex doll looks basically the same.

Apart from the visual differences caused by differences in height and size, there are not many different places in the visual, but in reality, they are not the same each. The production of silicone sex doll is full of complexity and uncertainty.

Compared with inflatable dolls that sell for tens to three or four hundred pieces, silicone dolls have a significantly better affinity.The use of silica gel as a raw material is costly and the process is more complicated. From the manufacture of metal skeletons to the filling of foams, it is necessary to deal with them carefully – the joints of the metal must be in the center of the silica gel, otherwise it will lead to the production of defective products. No one wants to buy a joint valgus or a partner suffering from paronychia.

Including the final silicone mold, the slightest deviation can not occur, otherwise it will only be abandoned. The whole process begins with facial modeling, molding, trimming the body details, assembling and shaping, and applying the corresponding image and personality to the doll, just like praying for her and injecting soul.

Many factories can only produce one doll per day. Mainly because silica gel curing generally takes 6 to 8 hours, in order not to affect other processes, this process is generally carried out at night. The staff came to work in the morning, opened the mold, and a fresh doll jumped out.

Most dolls are custom made. It is only a basic need to make your face and body beautiful. In addition, these dolls will be crowned with different breast types according to different needs of customers, from breast milk to big breasts, and whether you need to install lower body hair.

“People are not perfect.” The other half of each person’s imagination is easier to live than life.

Silicone dolls are to some extent a symbol of perfect “body”.

There are no pores or scars, and the so-called defects that have been deliberately modified are from the body of most humans. But on silicone dolls, people don’t want to see these problems appear.

But in the face of a real silicone sex doll, the attitude of the outside world tends to become embarrassing and serious.

For the factory, the starting point for the production of dolls is to create a partner to solve the loneliness of some modern people. It may contain sex, but it does not just exist as a sex product.

Because some people buy dolls not for sex, but want to live with them.

Human beings need sex and need to be accompanied.

Today, as everything is pursuing intelligence, human beings are becoming more and more isolated. In order to deal with loneliness, people continue to invent or find new ways to comfort themselves, even silicone dolls are no exception. They gradually become smart, learn to smile, learn to use Baidu’s answer to comfort the owner.

However, the functions and emotions of these dolls have not been completely connected yet, and they cannot express their own emotions. They also have to be like people. This requirement is still a fascinating imagination for many doll lovers.

Some people think that silicone dolls are abnormal. Some people say that it is a fetish. Actually, it is more of an empathy. If you look at it with tolerance, this is not a frog, but the model is different. You raise a frog, you talk to Siri, send a circle of friends every day and delete it, who is it for?

Most people wear colored glasses to look at silicone dolls and look at these “strange” “giving baby” people, but they don’t see them tend to be more tolerant and sincere. Normal is the most shackles of ecstasy, and freedom is a method of confrontation with countless shackles.

Is it difficult for long Distance Love? Try This Best Sex Toy, It Helps You Solve The Sexual Problems

If the lovers are separated from each other, they will not be able to maintain their feelings. So sex toy manufacturer Kiiroo has created a sex toy that provides a sex solution for off-site lovers.

I have learned from foreign media reports that Kiiroo’s sex toy uses a remote sex system that simulates real sexmaking behavior. The toy utilizes artificial penis and cannula, allowing lovers to communicate physiological sensations through the network. The toy responds to the touch, and if one stimulates the artificial penis or inserts, another person can feel the pressure in the cannula.

The study found that married people with regular sex are more satisfied with each other’s feelings, and because they are in different regions, the frequency of sex life between lovers is far less. It is easier to feel depressed, unhappy and inferior when there is no sex between partners.

Although long distance love makes sex difficult, it has other benefits as well. According to a report published in the 2013 Journal of Communication, long distance lovers confide in more private information and are more ideal about each other.

Kiiroo’s sex toys provide a way for these lover to come into contact. The connection is no longer limited to web chat, text messaging or video chat, and it is especially suitable for those who have not seen the military for a long time.

The future development of sex toys has already begun to emerge. Current sex devices include Bluetooth-compatible, remotely controlled clitoral stimulators that allow long distance partners to experience sex through the web.

The Kiiroo system is the most advanced remote sex system, but it was not the first to appear. The continuous development of remote sex systems has attracted many technology developers into the sex toy market. At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2014, LELO’s female oral sex vibrator was nominated for the best product design.

According to MarketWatch’s 2015 report, the market for sex products will reach $52 billion by 2020. Although some people are worried about the privacy issue after sex, but for the long distance relationship, this solves the problem that they can’t contact in different places.

3D printing simulation sex dolls will replace inflatable dolls?

There is a saying on the Internet that pornography drives the Internet. The simple logic is that it is men who like to see themselves as video online, so bandwidth is growing fast. Related cases can prove that the video website has become the mainstream of adult websites. People can directly open the website with PC, PAD and mobile phone in any place with WiFi to watch high-definition or even video with the larger data stream. They no longer need to download it. Pornography has multiplied bandwidth, and the Internet industry has benefited.

The same applies to technology, where porn drives technology. For a simple example, if you don’t have adult videos, you probably won’t buy a portable hard drive block by block. After watching the computer hard disk and mobile hard disk of more than ten friends, I deeply perceive the correctness of the sentence “men always feel that there is no really good adult movie on their hard disk”. Men can have no movie on their hard disk, but they can’t have any adult movie.

However, men will never be satisfied with only adult movies, sex is a physiological need, their higher needs are from the psychological. They always feel that the actual sex is not as perfect as the scene in the video, or that when they try to transfer the video scene to the real scene, it’s not as good as it should be. As a result, some people simply fall in love with obedient sex dolls that they can “play” with as much as they want. That’s when technology comes in handy, and every man’s ultimate desire is to have an obedient, flexible and warm, intelligent sex doll. So, in the field of sex dolls, all the manufacturers struggle all their lives to explore the “ultimate doll” in men’s minds.

A Japanese company that specializes in making sex dolls for 38 years has used the latest high-tech silicone gel and 3D printing technology to create a new generation of simulated human sex dolls. It is said that without close observation, it is impossible to tell whether it is a real person or a simulation.

According to the official report, the fake sex dolls’ skin is made of high-tech silicone and their feel is not very different from that of real people. The skin of the sex doll is exquisitely crafted, even with highly realistic pores. But according to experience, no matter how good the silicone material can be compared with human skin. The sex doll’s finishing touch is also on the eye, which can track the user’s movements within a certain range, possibly using facial recognition technology. This artificial intelligence technology, which is not widely available on smart hardware such as mobile phones, is now being used on doll eyes. Sure enough, it is the desire that drives the progress of human society, or at least the progress of dolls. Maybe one day there will be humanoid robot dolls.

In fact, 3D sex dolls are now being produced by a number of manufacturers, and according to Japanese manufacturers, the previous silicone dolls are definitely not the same level as this humanoid doll. However, you still can’t stop fans from admiring their idols, so online shops are full of 3D inflatable dolls of celebrities.

Adult supplies manufacturers, maybe in more the user used for solving the problem of physiology sex dolls comfort experience, but some manufacturers have also started to play in the field of artificial intelligence idea, along with the advance of artificial intelligence technology, should be the further development of new materials, sex doll has become more and more intelligent, more and more humanized. In the near future, inflatable dolls will be forgotten.

What Is Worth Selling for Export E-commerce: 7% of Adult Sex Toys Are Produced in China

According to recent reports from foreign media, according to Technavio’s latest report, global adult sex toys for couples will reach 29 billion US dollars by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7%.

Amber Chourasia, an analyst at Technavio’s Institute of Health, said: “There are several reasons for the steady growth of global adult sex toys, such as the idea of becoming more open, pursuing stimuli and risk-taking, trying to experiment with new products and improving the experience, which are factors that contribute to global market growth. ”

This report analyzes the markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the rest of the world. The following are details:

Asia Pacific: Personal income growth promotes market growth.

The adult sex toy market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach $13.4 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of over 7%. The Asia Pacific region contributes the most sales, with China and Japan being the largest markets. The Indian market is also growing rapidly, and consumer spending on adult sex toys has increased.

It is reported that 7% of the world’s adult sex toys are made in China. Because Chinese consumers’ acceptance of adult sex toys has increased, many small shops in Chinese cities now sell sex toys for adults. In 2010, 90% of adults in China said they could accept adult sex toys, and this proportion will continue to grow in the future.

The increase in disposable income is a factor that drives consumers to buy high-end adult sex toys. “With the increase in disposable income and the increasing popularity of adult sex toys, markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are experiencing rapid growth,” Amber said.

Europe: The emergence of organic and high-end products drives market development.

The European adult sex toy market is expected to reach $7.7 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of over 7%. The European adult sex toy market is growing rapidly.

North America: Pursuing new experiences will stimulate demand for products.

The adult toy market in North America is expected to reach $6 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7%. The adult toy market in North America is growing rapidly, and the demand for adult sex toys by older women and partners is driving sales growth. Retailers have also launched a product line specifically for sexual health and wellness. The US has a large market share and Canada’s demand is strong.

Other regions: The gradual westernization of lifestyles has promoted market development.

The adult toy market in other regions is expected to exceed $1.9 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 4%. Other regions include Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The lifestyle of the population in these areas has gradually become westernized, and the use rate of related products such as adult sex toys has increased, so sales have begun to increase.

Brazil is the largest adult sex toy market in Latin America, mainly because of the increased awareness of adult sex toys among Brazilian consumers and the increase in products.

At present, many countries in these regions do not allow commercial sale of adult sex toys, plus bans and strict customs inspections, so the adult sex toy market faces certain challenges. Africa has a small market share because of its low disposable income. However, the coverage of these products has increased significantly in some countries, such as South Africa.

Customizable Greater Than Reality Sex Robot Start To Sell

As early as 2010, the world’s first sex robot, Locke, was born in the world. Compared with the previous sex dolls, Locke was smarter. In addition to the appearance, skin and real people, it also has the ability to send emails to the owner, upgrade programs themselves, expand vocabulary and more.

Even it can talk to people, but the vocabulary used is pre-recorded, and its built-in software freely combines words on demand.You can also customize five different types of Locke as you like, with brutal, cool, naive, mature and stimulating.

But its shortcomings are also obvious. It may be difficult for you to associate Locke with people. After all, it looks more like a multi-functional sex doll, and when talking, Locke can’t open his mouth, and the sound comes from the belly speaker.

To the sex robot Harmony is going to be released this year. To be honest, there is still an improvement in Locke, seven years ago. At least “Look” is closer to the human figure. A built-in heater is used to simulate the temperature of the human body.

Now, surreal sex robots are starting to sell to customers, and their parts can be customized, starting at $7,999 (£6,000), and that’s just the price of the head.

Harmony, a sex robot launched by California-based adult robot company Realbotix, is still under development since its launch in 2016. She can tell jokes, speak down-to-earth language, and make realistic sounds and show real facial expressions during sex.

The head can be sold as a stand-alone product or connected to the body of a sex robot, and buyers can choose from a variety of ways to customize.

In addition to eye and hair color, body type and skin tone, customers can also choose to customize the shape and color of various intimate parts.

Now, the company has confirmed that the first orders for sex robot Harmony have been shipped to customers around the world.

Guile Lindroth, head of artificial intelligence at Realbotix, told The Sun: “We have shipped the first pre-ordered robots to our customers. There are about 350 robot heads in the first order.”

However, he said that the head of the robot Harmony is still in the development stage, and the second edition will have more progress.

Guile said: “The second edition will add some new features to the head, such as cameras in the eyes for face and object recognition, face touch sensors, built-in speakers and more facial expressions.”

The robot Harmony connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to an artificial intelligence Android app called Harmony AI.

Anyone can download the Harmony AI app to their smartphone, create an avatar, and start building intimate relationships with their virtual lover.

Realbotix claims that Harmony AI understands the user’s emotions, preferences, and behavior patterns and reacts accordingly to create an intimate illusion.

When customers receive their sex robot Harmony, they can download the AI ​​personality directly to the robot to make it look more like a real person.

This app controls all the head animations, expressions and conversations. The Harmony robot’s head can also be fitted with a special Bluetooth speaker that makes her look as normal.

Although the body of a sex robot is currently inanimate, Realbotix says it is working on several different sensors to add more robots to the user.

These include touch sensors, accelerometers, internal heaters, etc., and even remote sex, a technology that can be used to remotely control sex toys.

Best Sex Toys Are Produced With Voice Technology, VR Technology

Looking back at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, it’s not hard to find that sex toy manufacturers are trying to bring people a “VR-style” sex experience.

The following are five interesting trends and related products that will be “detonated” in 2018. It can only be said that sex toy dealers are striving to provide products before people need them. In one sentence, if you summarize the trend of the 2018 fun market, you can only say “no real and no interest.”

1. Toys That Talk Dirty To You

When it comes to the authenticity of a sex toy, you may only think that the texture or style of the toy is more like a real person. But have you ever thought that a sex toy can sound like a real person and have some interaction with you?

Pleasure Products USA has launched a god-level masturbation device for male customers – 3v Starlet Stroker, in addition to simulating the vagina and 10 vibration modes, recording the hum of adult actors, and the various little yellow words you can think of, added A new sense of body.

Sherri Shaulis, senior editor of AVN Magazine Entertainment Products, an industry trade publication, pointed out that the fun toy that can sound is a major trend in 2019.

Another fun toy company, Pipedreams, has also launched an interactive fun toy. In addition to the action technology that sex toys should have, it also adds high-fidelity speakers. During use, the toy will follow your steps and make different sounds. , including swearing to you.

2. Porn movies can also be “VR” (VR Porn)

At this time, some sex toy manufacturers will say that it is not enough to talk about sex toys, they want to make people’s entire masturbation experience to the extreme.

They prepared VR glasses for people, so that people can immerse themselves in their masturbation journey. Toys are also equipped with motion-sensing technology to make your movements and videos more synchronized and realistic.

And users can control the fun toys through the mobile app and Bluetooth to adjust the frequency and feel.

3. Suction female masturbation device

Womanizer ($77.99) has surrendered women around the world, and the toy takes a new sucking technique that allows women to experience different orgasms.

“ There is no doubt that this technology will be innovated in 2018,” Shaulis said. “The successful popularity of Satisfyer’s female masturbation device has attracted more fun toy manufacturers to add techniques such as sucking, barometric pressure and sound waves to women’s sex toys.”

4. Gender-Neutral Sex Toys

In the past, the gender of sex toys was still very clear. But with the blurring of the gender boundaries of today’s people, sex toy manufacturers have also begun new attempts.

Kimberly Faubel, director of operations at Clandestine Devices, a sex toy company, said: “We see that sex toys are no longer targeted at men or women, and there are more and more neutral toys. This is a good trend.”

5. Smart Sex Dolls And Sex Robots

Whether the fun robot will become the mainstream, there is no final conclusion. In addition to showing up in the media, it is not practical for most people, mainly because it is expensive ($10,000 or higher), and it is difficult to clean and save.

But now, toy manufacturers are determined to improve the technology, study its characteristics, make these toys as real as possible, and many dolls can move their heads and joints.