Sex Doll FAQ

1Q : How long does it takes to EU(also for UK customer)

A:For the order which is in stock, it usually takes 4-7 business days, for customized order, It usually takes 15-18 business days,(5 days to produce,5-7 days transit from the factory in china to EU warehouse, after we make import duties and tax, we will forward to you soon)

2Q : what is deliver time to US

A : for US customer, it usually takes 10-15 days to arrive, you may need to pay import duties and import tax, but our price is very competitive , so no worries about the tax.

3Q : what is the differences between regular foot and stand up foot .

A : You have pay extra $35 to make stand up foot, it have extra metal frame in the foot , you can see there are three dots under the feet, so make the doll can stand. If you choose regular foot, in case you let it stand, the sex doll can not keep balance, also it may damage the TPE material.

4Q:How can I clean the sex doll ?

A : We will send cleaning kit together with the doll, you can clean with it. you also can take bath with the sex doll in warm water (no hot water please, warm water means under 37degree)

5Q : what is the differences between fixed vagina and removable vagina ?

A : Many customers searched from internet, they learned that removable vagina is not so realistic from the fixed vagina, but the sex doll from our factory, the out looking between the fixed and removable vagina is exactly same, the only difference is the removable vagina have one insert inside of the doll, you can have take it out and clean it, and it will not loose even after using many time.

6Q : Does this sex doll smell ?

A :The TPE material doesn’t smell, but when you get your sex doll, it maybe smell a little bit because of packing material , but after a while you unpack it, it doesn’t smell at all, the TPE is medical grade, no worries for the health issue.

7Q : Should I wear condom ?

A : You don’t have to wear condom, but even if you do, it is ok to use it .

8Q : Should I use lubricants?

A : Yes , you should use lubricant to have better experience.

9Q : What kind of lubricants should I use ?

A : Only water based lubricants, do not use oil based.

10Q : Can I dress up my doll ?

A : Sure you can, before you dress up your doll, make sure the clothes will not lose color, I don’t think you will like the sex doll have mark on it.

11Q : How long will a sex doll last? 

A : A sex doll will last 10 years with properly maintain.  A sex doll that gets frequently used and moved will be more likely to suffer wear and tear.  There are many things doll owners can do to preserve and maintain their sex doll.  If damage does occur it is also quite easy to perform repairs on your sex doll.  We offer free repair kits for any reported doll damage, and each doll comes with a cleaning kit to keep your doll in mint condition.  We also have helpful blog articles and tips so that you can keep your doll looking brand new.
12Q :Can i pick up my sex doll instead of having it delivered to my door ?
A :Of course you can , if you prefer to pick up your sex doll instead of having it delivered to your residence you can arrange to pick it up at your local GLS,DPD or UPS instead.

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